In Cold Blood (R/I) (15)

Adapting Truman Capote’s true-crime novel about the senseless murder of a family in rural Kansas, In Cold Blood is a grimly authentic American horror story. Shot in the same house, courtroom and penitentiary that were splashed across front pages less than a decade earlier – even featuring jurors from the trial itself – Richard Brooks’ fever dream noir is a haunting journey inside an atrocity that captivated a nation’s psyche.

Old prison buddies Dick Hickock and Perry Smith reunite in Kansas City hoping to cash-in on a tip from Hickock’s former cellmate. They’re to hit the Clutter farmhouse, take the $10,000 from Herbert Clutter’s safe and leave no witnesses. It’s set to be the perfect score, a cinch. Instead, Hickock and Smith go on the run with $42 to their name and the weight of four dead bodies hanging around their necks.

Jumbling timelines, points of view and levels of authenticity, In Cold Bloodcaptures the creeping horror and morbid fascination of Capote’s genre experiment. From premeditation to execution, it dissects the brutal, calculated murders that struck a chill in America’s heartland.

Newly restored in 4K, Sony Pictures’ In C

Crime | Drama | History

Dir. Richard Brooks, US,  1967, 134 mins

Cast: Robert Blake, Scott Wilson, John Forsythe

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