Colin Farrell: Don’t ask me to explain The Lobster

Colin Farrell has joked there is no point asking him about his new movie The Lobster, as he has no idea what it’s about.

The Irish star plays David in the film, a surreal flick set in a dystopian future where single people are taken to The Hotel. They have 45 days to find a partner there and if they don’t, they are transformed into animals and taken to The Woods.

Many find the concept confusing and Colin can understand why, so he prefers to focus on the bigger picture.

“Don’t ask me to explain it,” he laughed to Britain’s Hello! magazine. “The film is dealing with the nature of loneliness that human beings experience. Being alone is a difficult state to be in at times. There’s also a stigma that comes with not being in a relationship. For me it was a deeply moving experience and the kind of thing I thrive on as an actor. Everything about working on the film was very special.”

Colin is currently single, which may be why he could relate to the themes in The Lobster. He finds romantic relationships hard because of his fame, which continually gets in the way of him finding a girlfriend.

It means he’s happy focusing on his two sons from previous relationships for now.

“I used to love making one movie after another and moving from one city to another and staying in palatial hotels,” he explained. “You never have to clean your room, you can order room service around the clock and you feel this freedom that comes from being able to wander around in life. Now I would much rather spend time at home with family and enjoy the kind of comfort that comes with that.”

Having children has also changed the types of films the hunky star is interested in shooting. To tear him away from his sons, the story has to really speak to him.

“Whenever I look at a new project now, I want to see whether it offers me the opportunity to probe deeply into the human condition and our psychology,” he said.

– Cover Media