Committing to the theatre

Going to the theatre isn’t like going to a big concert where people are standing up, dancing and having a good time, where you can come and go as you please. The theatre is a more humble affair where audiences are seated quietly and concentrate on the piece they are watching.

More and more often these days when I go to the theatre, I see and hear a commotion during the show of people rustling around, saying ‘excuse me, excuse me’ to the people in their row to try to get out of the theatre. This does happen with people who need to go to the toilet during a performance (despite most shows having an interval after an hour or so we all sometimes get caught short and need to spend a penny) and so this isn’t unusual, however the people I am now noticing, never actually return!

I go to the theatre a lot, three of four times a week usually as it’s my job to see as many shows as I can. Sometimes I am tired or unwell and really struggle to focus on the show I am watching and sometimes I just want to stand up and walk out. But I don’t. I don’t do this because not only will it disrupt the people around me in the auditorium but the actors on stage will also notice and get distracted. Can you imagine spending months learning lines, rehearsing scenes and investing 100% of yourself into putting on the best show possible, only to be devastated by watching theatre goers get up and walk out.

When you may have got a ticket to a show for free (through the wonderful people at then the idea of walking out if you aren’t enjoying it could be even more appealing as you haven’t invested much financially into the show (you might think different if you had paid £80 for a ticket). However, should you ever feel this way, spare a thought for the actors on stage (don’t be fooled into thinking that they cant see you because they CAN) who have put a lot of hard working into creating the show for you. Not to mention the other audience members that you might distract by getting up and walking out. You are also there representing and if the theatre staff notice you leaving, this could affect them being offered tickets to great shows in future.

Theatre is two hours out of your life and so why not grin and bare it if you aren’t enjoying it and who knows, it might even turn out to be not so bad!

West End Wilma

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