Common People

Common People

The UK theatrical release of the micro-budget British feature ‘Common People’ was set to be a special one-off screening at The Clapham Picturehouse on January 19th 2014. However, the film proved to be such a hit with audiences that it went on to play for nine weeks to packed houses, screening alongside Oscar contenders and Hollywood blockbusters.

Picturehouse then took the unprecedented step of selecting the film to be released nationwide in 17 Picturehouse cinemas on June 10th 2014 as part of their prestigious, ‘Discover Tuesdays’ programme. It’s the first entirely self-distributed independent film to ever be included in the programme.

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COMMON PEOPLE will also be released on VOD and DVD on June 12th.

When Princess Parroty escapes the confines of her cage she finds herself flying with parakeets in the south London skies and soaring into the lives of the Common People. Here begins a unique and enchanting story which will see the lives of those people changed forever…

COMMON PEOPLE weaves together six stories and over thirty characters to present a dramatic, humorous and sometimes magical tale of romance, crisis and adventure on one of London’s luscious commons.

“A sweet and huge hearted story of London life”
Danny Leigh, Guardian Film critic & BBC Film 2013 co-host



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