Craig offered $150m for two more Bonds

Daniel Craig’s days as James Bond 007 might not be numbered after all…

This week in James Bond rumours comes the news that EON Productions is apparently keen to keep Daniel Craig in the title role for up to two more films. Craig has given the distinct impression that he’d be happy to leave his James Bond days behind him, post-Spectre. Furthermore, Tom Hiddleston appears to be the running favourite to step into the tuxedo should Craig confirm his departure.

But not so fast on that front.

A new report suggests that Craig is now being offered $150m for two more James Bond movies, with the plan being to “virtually” shoot them back to back.

All of this is unconfirmed of course, and Sony Pictures for one wasn’t commenting on the latest round of speculation. But with Spectre now nearly a year on, work is gradually ramping up on a new James Bond adventure, with producer Barbara Broccoli likely to cement the identity of 007 – Craig or otherwise – this side of Christmas. She’ll need a new director too, with Sam Mendes definitely ruling out another return.

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