Craig Roberts: Independent girls are sexy

Craig Roberts finds girls who do their own thing “cool as f**k”.

The Welsh actor has come a long way since making his acting debut on British TV in 2000, landing roles in Hollywood flicks including 22 Jump Street, Red Lights and Bad Neighbours. Craig has noticed a big change in his life since finding fame.

“But what’s strange is the kids who were cool when I was at school are now the fools,” he grinned to Miss Vogue. “The guys with all the muscles are no longer idolised, even if that’s what’s attractive as teenagers. As far as girls are concerned, I think the one out there doing her own thing is cool as f**k, not the one surrounded by the popular crowd.”

It was 2010 indie movie Submarine, in which he played sexually frustrated teenager Oliver Tate, which really propelled Craig’s career. It was a surprise for the star, as he admits he didn’t expect anyone to watch it, but he was drawn to the characteristics of his alter ego.

“[At 18], all the casting directors wanted to see me. The scripts were still always for the awkward guy, but I’m happy playing the awkward guy. I have plenty of experience being awkward, so…” he added.

One awkward aspect of shooting a film in America is Craig’s dry sense of humour. With some of his quips backfiring, the 24-year-old often feels as though he’s talking to himself when cracking a joke.

Next fans can see him as David in Amazon series Red Oaks, produced by Steven Soderbergh.

“I play this kid who becomes a tennis instructor for the summer, and comes of age. I seem to be playing a lot of people coming of age, too – whatever that means,” he mused.

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