Dakota Johnson’s sweet silver screen role

Dakota Johnson says her Black Mass character’s “sweetness” struck a chord.

In the role of Lindsey Cyr, the actress brings humanity to the biographical crime drama, which focuses on infamously violent murderer Whitey Bulger, played by Johnny Depp.

Lindsey dated the Boston gang leader and even had a son with him, but listed her ex on the birth certificate, keeping her son’s identity secret to protect him from his father’s enemies. Sadly, the youngster died aged six from Reye’s syndrome.

Dakota has now revealed what drew her to this tragic project.

“The story and the people – I’d wanted to work with Scott [Cooper, director] for a long time,” she told Screen Slam.

“The story, it’s always interesting what part a woman can play in a story like this, and the way that Lindsey was written struck a chord in me – her sweetness, her ability to bring a different side to such an icy human.”

Dakota, 25, worked closely with Johnny, 52, on the project. She found their interactions fascinating, as they enable the audience to make up their own minds about the criminal.

“The scenes with Lindsey and Whitey sort of humanise Whitey a bit or make him just way more, you know, terrible,” she explained. “I mean, either way, it can make him so much crazier or it can bring a different side to him.”

Black Mass was screened at the Venice Film Festival earlier this month and will start rolling out in cinemas from September 17.

– Cover Media