Daniel Brühl: My Marvel turn will surprise

Rush star Daniel Brühl likes how Marvel mixes things up.

The mega successful comic book group has become cinema gold over the last seven years, with stars like Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth bringing the fictional characters to life. For 2016’s Captain America: Civil War, actor Daniel joins proceedings as super villain Baron Zemo. Fans of the comic character will know Baron wears a purple cloak that covers his face, but Daniel warns audiences not to expect the same when it hits the big screen.

“He does not wear the mask,” Daniel confirmed to Business Insider. “You would be surprised; it’s different than what you’d think. It’s loosely connected to this character. But that’s what I like about the Marvel guys, some of the characters and things they’re dealing with always reference to current events, so my character is from a different area than you would think.”

Captain America: Civil War picks up where the last Avengers movie, Age of Ultron, left off. In the film, politicians have formed a governing body to decide when the Avengers need to be called upon. This leads to friction within the group, which means baddie Baron can easily slip in and cause trouble.

“There’s a possibility,” Daniel smiled when asked if his character could make a return. “That’s the way it’s written.”

Before that though, Daniel has latest movie Burnt to keep him busy. The chef-based drama hits cinemas in some countries later this month (Oct 15) and co-stars Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller. The two leading stars have worked together before on military drama American Sniper, which proved slightly confusing for Sienna.

“It was somewhat schizophrenic to see him, having been this big Chris Kyle (in American Sniper) and then suddenly he’s in his chef whites,” she laughed to USA Today. “But actually it was more seamless than I imagined it would be.”

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