Daniel Radcliffe almost ended up in the lion’s lair

Actor Daniel Radcliffe found out lions are “b**tards” on the set of Victor Frankenstein.

The Harry Potter star takes on the role of Igor in the 2015 horror, which retells the classic story from the perspective of Frankenstein’s troubled assistant. During a scene set at a circus, Daniel had to come into close contact with the wildcats and found them to be far from friendly.

“As soon as I got into my crouched hunchback position (two lions on set) started tracking me,” he revealed to New York Post’s Page Six. “They went down to the ground. I talked to the (trainers) and they said, ‘Yeah, they think you’re like a hurt animal, they’re honing in on you.’ I was like, ‘Man, lions are b**tards.’”

The film, also starring James McAvoy as Victor, will only be rated PG-13, so director Paul McGuigan had to be careful not to take disturbing scenes too far. However, Daniel ensures they have pushed the boundaries as far as possible and that it will still be “gross”.

“It should be! I hope so,” he told slashfilm.com when asked if it will be scary. “And the scene where – actually one of the most disturbing scenes in the film is the scene where I go from being a hunchback to not being a hunchback anymore, which involves – I don’t want to say, because it’s so gross, I don’t want to ruin it. It’s pus related.”

Portraying a hunchback character was physically challenging and a new thing for Daniel to explore. However, he was happy to take on a challenge.

“I’m definitely grateful it’s not in the whole film, but I really enjoy that side of it,” he said. “Your legs get tired, but I’ve had no pain. When I knew I was playing the part, I experimented with a few different things you can do, and a couple of them couldn’t have been sustained. I did a couple of them for a day, and had pain for a week.”

– Cover Media