Daniel Radcliffe learns to accept criticism

Daniel Radcliffe is naive in thinking that everyone will love his films.

The British actor found fame as boy wizard Harry Potter in the fantasy franchise, but has left the role behind with more grown-up movies. His latest venture, Swiss Army Man, has caused quite the stir and many walked out during its Sundance Film Festival screening due to bizarre scenes involving flatulent corpses. Luckily Daniel understands that not all viewers will see what he does in the project.

“I think I’m always very naive,” he sighed to uproxx.com. “With this and Kill Your Darlings and Horns, I’m like, ‘Why wouldn’t everybody love this?’ But I guess it’s going to divide people in some ways. But if you’re willing to go with it and suspend your disbelief, you’re going to get something amazing and something unlike anything else.”

Daniel stars opposite Paul Dano in the movie about a man who finds a body and uses it as a raft to get back to mainland after becoming stranded on an island. However, upon discovering the corpse isn’t entirely dead, the man must teach his new pal the ways of the world. Paul thinks it’s totally fair that some people won’t enjoy the odd tale, but hopes people won’t dismiss it.

“The only thing I’d be really disappointed by is people who don’t give it a chance,” he added. “You have to be open to it and then I’m fine with it.”

“There’s a talking dead guy, leave all your questions at the door,” Daniel chimed in.

Topic then turned to the amount of wind featured in the film, with the pair quizzed on whether fart jokes played a big part on set.

“I don’t know, I would say when I first saw it, there was less farting in it than I thought,” Paul mused. “Now I realise so many people are just so surprised by the farts. So, it seems like a lot to a normal audience.”

– Cover Media