Dave Bautista: Spectre secrecy is killing me!

Wrestler-turned-actor Dave Bautista hates all the secrecy surrounding Spectre because he doesn’t like “dancing around answers”.

The star joins the latest instalment of the James Bond franchise as Mr. Hinx, but exact details of his role are still shrouded in mystery. Fans will finally be put out of their misery when the film hits cinemas from 26 October but it’s Dave who’ll feel the greatest relief.

“No, it’s not!” he laughed to Collider when asked if keeping all these secrets is fun. “I don’t like dancing around answers. It’s because I’m so excited, I wanna talk about this badass and memorable character. But these days, when you say one thing it just spreads across the internet and (the fans) aren’t as excited when they go and see it.”

Since switching from the ring to the big screen Dave has appeared in features including Guardians of the Galaxy and House of the Rising Sun. But Spectre is probably his biggest role to date and he’s glad director Sam Mendes took a chance on him.

“I did the audition, it was a bit of a process, but finally I got a call: ‘Sam would like to meet you, they really want you for the role but they wanna know how you get along, if you can coexist,’” he recalled.

“I think it’s one of those things, where until they meet me, they don’t know what to expect, because of my appearance and my background, and people think I’m (grunts) that I’m gonna be that guy but you know, I’m just not that guy.”

Luckily Sam and Dave got on like a house on fire and talked at length. But surprisingly, 007 wasn’t a big topic of conversation.

“We went over and we didn’t talk a whole lot about the role, it was just a meet and greet with him,” he explained. “I had done some research on Sam – I was familiar with his career but not with him as a person, so I watched a Charlie Rose interview and they talked a lot about cabaret, so that was one of the things we started talking about, cabaret, more than actually the Bond. Before I left he said: ‘Do you have any questions?’ and I said: ‘I have two.’ I said: ‘Is Mr. Hinx a badass?’ and he said: ‘Oh yeah, he’s a badass.’ And I said: ‘Is Mr. Hinx intelligent?’ and he said: ‘Very.’ And I said: ‘Man, I really want this role, so we’re clear.’”

Spectre also stars Daniel Craig, Lea Seydoux and Naomie Harris.

– Cover Media