Deadpool 2: composer quits

Deadpool director Tim Miller surprisingly departed the sequel last week, with differences between him and the rest of the core creative team being the apparent (and unconfirmed) reason. Now, its composer Tom Holkenborg has confirmed on Twitter that he has ditched plans to pen the score for Deadpool 2, citing similar circumstances…


Holkenborg will be sadly missed from the sequel, and we certainly hope that he finds a more fitting project to work on instead.

Regardless, Deadpool 2 certainly doesn’t sound like it’s had to wait long for someone to take over directing duties. Already, it’s been reported that David Leitch is in talks about taking on the project. Leitch was one of the two directors of the original – and really good – John Wick, starring Keanu Reeves. He’s not helming the John Wick follow-up (that lands in cinemas early in 2017), but is now said to be the leading candidate for the Deadpool sequel job.

He’s not the only candidate, mind. Both Drew Goddard and Magnus Martens (the latter of whom has been making his name helming episodes of Luke Cage and 12 Monkeys) have apparently met with 20th Century Fox to give their take on the film. Others are also due to pitch for the job, but Leitch remains the favourite.