Deadpool 2 Update

Ryan Reynolds will be back in his Deadpool costume at the start of 2017, Simon Kinberg confirms…

The wheels are turning a lot quicker on Deadpool 2 than they were with Deadpool. But then that’s what being the big surprise smash hit of the year does for you.

Deadpool 2 will bring Ryan Reynolds back in the lead role, and the key creative time is back in place too. Thus, Tim Miller will be directing, whilst Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick are penning the screenplay for the new movie. Simon Kinberg is producing again.

And it’s Kinberg who has now confirmed that the plan is for Deadpool 2 to enter physical production in early 2017. Kinberg revealed the news to Collider, although also conceded that as of yet, it’s unclear just where the movie will be shooting.

No release date as yet, but early 2018 looks most likely.


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