Disney Villains

So many, we couldn’t pick just 10!

Jack Bottomley faces 15 fearsome foes.

Yokai, the villain in BIG HERO 6

As Walt Disney Animation Studios get ready to unleash a brand new hero – the ballooning robot hero, Baymax – in the studio’s 54th animated film Big Hero 6, many are in a very heroic mood this week. However while everyone is focused on the greatest heroes to emerge from the house of mouse over the years, we all know that there can be no great heroes without equally outstanding villains. Baymax’s nemesis is the masked Yokai (pictured above).

So, with that said, we at Show Film First have left the Disney castle and ventured into the dark woods that house Disney’s greatest antagonists. From cruel stepmothers to literary icons, this list looks at the Disney characters that not only broke bad but also defined it. So without any further ado, here are the 15 Greatest Disney villains…

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