We have more complimentary tickets for performances this week – here is what SFF members have said about it so far …

  • Excellent. 10 out of 10. Can’t wait for it to come out on dvd…that good!! – Alan, Oval
  • The film was awesome and quite funny at times. The graphics were awesome especially the fight scenes. My favourite part was the last scene where he was fighting with one arm and he couldn’t cut him with the machete – Ali Arslan, Enfield, London
  • Brilliant. Really philosophical – brilliant story line and photography – Andy Elliman, Horsham
  • Amazing – it had all the right ingredients and reminded me in style of the modern Sherlock Holmes films. (Right balance of mystery, irony, romance, comedy and action.) 10 out of 10 – Anna Vaughan-Spruce, Reigate
  • It was a good story with a lot of action. Although it was subtitled, it kept your attention throughout – Barclay Davies, Rhondda
  • Very good movie that held my attention from start to finish – Carol Young, Enfield
  • Excellent, atmospheric, well directed, convincing, eerie, well acted. Thank you very much for the ticket – much appreciated – Caroline Lewsey, London
  • Great story, this was my type of movie – Colin, London
  • Fantastic movie with great atmosphere and suspense. Brilliant action scenes, supported by an engaging and compelling theme. All round great flick, a pleasure to experience! Thanks very much for the opportunity to see Dragon in advance of general release. A very enjoyable evening. Thanks! – Phillip Hodgson, Wakefield
  • I appreciated every creative decision and choice. Beautifully shot and directed. It was also acted brilliantly. Made with thought and heart. Please bring other wonderful international films to our cinemas! – Runyararo Mapfumo
  • Good story….although recognised similarity to ‘A History Of Violence’ – action sequences excellent. Extremely enjoyable. 11/10 Thank You! – Ryk Morgan, London



When a seemingly normal villager manages to kill an expert martial arts criminal during a robbery, he arouses the suspicions of the local detective who soon discovers the true identity of the so-called Liu Jinxi. But this revelation leads to a devastating trail of events for Liu, who finds himself fighting for his life against a deadly ghost from his past…

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