Drew Barrymore: I choose laughter over tears

Former child star Drew Barrymore made an effort to laugh during difficult scenes in her new movie.

The 40-year-old actress stars alongside Toni Collette in Miss You Already, a film about two pals supporting each other through difficult times in their lives. With some moments full of emotion, such as Toni’s character Milly being diagnosed with cancer, the two stars lightened the mood wherever possible.

“You have to try and laugh when you’re shooting such difficult scenes. We cracked jokes between takes and we went to the pub all together,” Drew explained to Britain’s Closer magazine. “The women we play in the film are strong and a support to each other, so we needed to keep it together.”

It was a difficult task though, as Toni admits one scene was so devastating, she sobbed in her trailer for 45 minutes after.

Playing such close friends on screen led to a real-life bond for the pair. They even went on holiday together with their families once filming had wrapped. Drew has daughters Olive and Frankie with husband Will Kopelman, and Toni has daughter Sage and son Arlo with spouse Dave Galafassi.

“I’d met Drew a few times, as we have mutual friends in the industry, but when we came together at the read-through of the script, it just felt so right,” Toni smiled. “There was no difficulty and we just had such a wonderful time together on set. We’ve got so close shooting this film and your kids have becoming friends, too.”

Both ladies are firm believers in women having prominence in the film industry. Although both have been lucky with the roles they’ve landed over the years, Toni, 42, can see the problems with casting.

“I personally haven’t felt pigeonholed by my age, but I’ve been lucky. What drives me crazy, is men in their 50s or 60s having a wife who is only 30,” she sighed.

– Cover Media