Ed Sheeran: I’m hungover in my movie

Ed Sheeran hopes his fans enjoy seeing him in “various states of hangover” when they watch his new concert movie.

Jumpers for Goalposts follows the British singer as he played for 80,000 people at London’s Wembley Arena in July 2015, featuring footage of him on stage as well as the intense preparations beforehand. Ed wanted to give a bird’s eye view of his life by showing how much goes into such a set, and he was also happy to be interviewed about his career to date.

“Wembley kept coming up in conversation and I just thought, ‘I have to go for it, to be up there with all the other acts that have played there,'” he told Popsugar Australia. “I was very nervous the first night but fine as soon as I got the first song done… (Fans will) get to see a bit more of everyone in my teams, who worked so hard to make it happen too. And me in various states of hangover as well!”

The movie’s premiere will take place in London’s Leicester Square on October 22, with the event beamed to cinemas globally at the same time. The star is excited to see what his fans think of the feature, and he also gave a bit of insight into its unusual title.

“It’s a phrase that came up!” he laughed. “We’re always joking that we move the goalposts of what we’re aiming for all the time, so it seemed apt for this.”

Although he’s a musician first and foremost, Ed has been dipping his toe into acting of late too. He made a guest appearance on Australian soap opera Home and Away this year (15) and he’s also rumoured to have landed a part in the eagerly-anticipated third Bridget Jones movie. Renée Zellweger, Patrick Dempsey and Colin Firth have been shooting it in the UK, with Ed thought to have scored a cameo.

– Cover Media