Eddie Murphy: I’ll never divorce again

Eddie Murphy doesn’t feel sour about marriage following his divorce, but it did make him realise he doesn’t want to go through it again.

The 54-year-old star split from his wife Nicole in 2005 and their divorce was finalised in 2006, after 13 years of marriage. It was a difficult time for Eddie, who had just landed the role of troubled soul singer Jimmy ‘Thunder’ Early in movie Dreamgirls, and luckily the film gave him an emotional release.

“Getting divorced didn’t sour me on the institution of marriage,” he told The Washington Post. “I’ll tell you what I’ll never do: I’ll never get divorced again. That’s a s**t deal for anybody.

“They say, ‘Oh, this is great, this is his best acting, it looked like you were really crying on the inside.’ I was.”

This isn’t the only hardship the actor has lived through; when he was young, his father Charles was killed by a girlfriend. Eddie and his brother Charlie lived with their mother Lillian and stepfather Vernon following his parents’ divorce when he was just three.

Eddie’s career began in stand-up comedy and he went on to make a name for himself in the movie business thanks to flicks such as Beverly Hills Cop, The Nutty Professor and Shrek. There are some big directors he’d like to work with still, but feels there are issues in the industry holding him back when it comes to certain ambitions.

“Even though I’ve had some success in the movies, I’ve never turned into a white man in Hollywood,” he added. “I don’t have any sour grapes, but there’s a difference. If you’re black and you’re in this business, it’s different than if you’re a white guy in this business.

“And it’s not just me. How many movies has Denzel done with Steven Spielberg? How many movies has Will Smith done with Steven Spielberg or Martin Scorsese? How many movies has Tom Hanks done with Steven Spielberg? How many movies has Leonardo DiCaprio done with Martin Scorsese?”

– Cover Media