Eddie Redmayne: ‘My career is a blag’

Eddie Redmayne and Benedict Cumberbatch reckon they’ve “blagged” their mega-successful careers.

They’re two of Britain’s most in-demand exports, which was evident earlier this year (15) when they went head-to-head during awards season. Eddie ultimately prevailed with his turn as Stephen Hawking in The Theory of Everything, winning the best actor Oscar and Golden Globe and leaving Benedict’s portrayal of Alan Turing in The Imitation Game out in the cold. Rather than drive a wedge between them, the competition made them closer.

“It’s not a rivalry, no,” Eddie told Britain’s Glamour magazine. “I just… adore him. And he couldn’t have been more lovely. So kind. He’s staggeringly talented. For both of us though, that whole ride, we were just pinching ourselves, going, ‘Can you believe we’ve blagged it?'”

The modest star looks set for more awards nominations in 2016, again for a true-life tale. This time he plays transgender pioneer Lili Elbe in The Danish Girl. One scene required the 33-year-old to stand in front of the mirror and tuck his manhood between his legs. When Glamour complimented him on how well endowed he is, the star was quick to blush.

“Oh God, I’m going beetroot, literally,” he cringed. “Well, I spoke to many trans women and asked them, ‘Would you have done that? Ever?’ And they all said, ‘Absolutely’. But I hope the scene is also about her finding herself.”

The road to the top has been a swift ride for Eddie, whose love of acting was first ignited at school. Despite successes like My Week with Marilyn, Les Misérables and of course his Oscar-winning role in The Theory of Everything, the star does concede how easy it would be to lose your mind in an industry that demands so much of you.

“You think, ‘I’ll never get a job doing this thing I love,'” he said. “And when you do, gradually, ramifications come with it. Of judgement. When everyone has an opinion and you’re constantly being placed somewhere to be punched down. That’s when people start turning crazy.”

– Cover Media