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Idris Elba

Do you think Idris Elba would make a good James Bond?

Having the opportunity to co-star beside a suave British intelligence agent such as James Bond, requires a lot of skill and technique. According to 36-year-old actress Naomie Harris, prepping for her starring role in, Skyfall, proved to be more strenuous than she originally expected.

While promoting the franchise’s 23rd installment of Bond, Harris took time out to speak with the Huffington Post about her new role as 007’s sidekick, in addition to her thoughts on Idris Elba possibly becoming the first black James Bond.

How would you describe your character, Eve, as the latest Bond Girl?

She’s very independent, very playful. And what’s really exciting for me about the role is that you see her going toe to toe with Bond. She’s out in the field as a field agent, sees herself just as capable as him firing sniper rifles, Walther MPKs, and just having a blast at the beginning of the movie. Things go a bit wrong and she begins to question whether or not she’s right for the field work.

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