Electric Boogaloo: The Wild Untold Story Of Cannon Films


The highly entertaining story of Menahem Golan and Yoram Globus, two movie-obsessed immigrant cousins in pursuit of the American dream, who took on the movie establishment and launched an indie studio that would go on to produce over 120 exploitation films from 1979-1989. Responsible for ‘B’ movies such as the Death Wish sequels, they launched the careers of action heroes like Chuck Norris, made musicals and comedies like Breakin’ and Last American Virgin as well as taking risks on independent film directors like John Cassavetes.

Disrupting the studio film system Golan and Globus’ passion and unique style changed the way movies were marketed forever and at one point made them the kings of Cannes – until their demise for overpromising and commercially under-delivering on titles like Masters of the Universe and Superman IV, The Quest for Peace.

Cast (as themselves):  Dolph Lundgren, Molly Ringwald, Tobe Hooper, Richard Chamberlin, Elliot Gould, Franco Nero, Bo Derek, Franco Zeffirelli, Alex Winter

In cinemas June 05th 2015

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