Agyness Deyn in ELECTRICITY (15)

Lilly O’Connor – brash, sexy, witty – lives on the Northeast coast away from the world and her past. But when her mother dies, the past draws Lily back in. When she discovers that her younger brother Mikey, the only one who looked after her when they were kids, disappeared to London years ago, she resolves to try and find him. But the search could kill her. Lily’s epilepsy brings vivid visual distortions, strange auras and terrifying visions that we experience through her eyes. Electricity takes us on a journey that brings Lily to the brink of death before triumph in a beautiful and uplifting story of self-discovery and the human spirit. Based on the novel by Ray Robinson.

Certificate: 15     Distributor: Soda Pictures

Dir. Bryn Higgins, UK, 2014, 96 mins

Cast: Agyness Deyn, Christian Cooke, Paul Anderson, Alice Lowe, Lenora Critchlow, Tom Georgeson


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