Elijah Wood’s witchy wonder

Elijah Wood has a thing for witches.

Known by many as Frodo Baggins in The Lord of the Rings, the star is also a huge fan of horror and setup production company SpectreVision, which focuses on the genre.

He takes a lead role in dark fantasy The Last Witch Hunter, also starring Vin Diesel, and reveals what fans can expect from the flick when it hits cinemas in October.

“I guess it’s a fantasy action movie with horror elements? It’s all about witches, which I love – I love witches!” he enthused to themarysue.com. “So it’s basically set in a world where there are witches living among us, and it’s centred around a character named Kaulder, played by Vin Diesel, who’s an immortal witch hunter. He’s been hunting evil witches for centuries, keeping evil magic at bay and allowing for white magic to be amongst us, but sort of controlled.”

Meanwhile Elijah plays Dolan, a priest who serves Kaulder in trying to keep evil at bay.

On a lighter note, he’s also been working on Cooties. While it’s still got elements of horror, it’s a light-hearted, comedic take on the genre about a mysterious virus hitting an elementary school, turning the children into feral nightmares.

“We had too much fun. It was awesome. The movie takes place in one location – so, we were at this school for about 3-4 weeks, every day during the summer, and it felt like summer camp. And everybody got along so well. And the material was so great. We just had a blast!” he grinned.

– Cover Media