Elizabeth Debicki: I freak out over socks

Australian star Elizabeth Debicki travels so much for work that she’s started to have nervous breakdowns about her suitcase.

The actress’ big break came when she was cast in 2013’s The Great Gatsby and she’s gone from strength to strength since then, appearing in the likes of Everest, Macbeth and The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Her bursting schedule means she’s turned into a jetsetter too, which has positive and negative points.

“It’s crazy. Sometimes I have a nervous breakdown over my suitcase – over socks – because your brain just goes, ‘I just can’t pack again, I can’t,’” she told Britain’s The Guardian newspaper. “You’re looking at your suitcase going, ‘I’m in five countries in two weeks and it’s four different seasons.’ That’s when my brain melts.”

That said, moving around has become the norm for the star these days and she often finds herself getting antsy when she’s in one place for too long. Part of the reason why is that she’s still getting used to how her life has changed over the last few years. Winning movie roles still feels like a dream, although she also continually worries she won’t live up to expectations on set.

“I don’t think I even really dreamed of this,” she said. “When you get a job, it’s this manic high. And then I always wake up the next day and I go, ‘Oh, s**t. Now I have to do it. Maybe they should give it to someone else.’ Then you crash back down to reality. It’s just up and down.”

The 25-year-old beauty prides herself on getting involved with projects she’s interested in, rather than taking tips from others about what might boost her career.

“I think that I get very obsessive about parts and projects,” she said. “I do let them kind of consume me, and when there’s something on the horizon that I want to be involved in, I just kind of hurdle myself towards it.”

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