Elizabeth Olsen: I’ve not got the hots for Hiddleston

Elizabeth Olsen says people can think what they want about her and Tom Hiddleston.

The stars have set tongues wagging over the last couple of months, stepping out for dinner together on several occasions.

However, Elizabeth insists people shouldn’t jump to conclusions about their relationship.

“I mean, we definitely are friends and we’ve known each other for about four years. And we happened to be at a restaurant at a wrong time having dinner. We all go out to dinner,” she shrugged to Refinery29.

“Well, apparently, I’m dating Chris Evans, and apparently, I’ve dated Jeremy Renner, so I guess that… I don’t react to it. No [I’m not dating Tom]. I mean, people can think what they want to think.”

As well as both being a part of The Avengers franchise, Elizabeth and Tom appear opposite each other in upcoming Hank Williams biopic I Saw the Light. Tom steps into the shoes of the late musician while Elizabeth portrays his wife Audrey Mae, and the 26-year-old actress was won over by the couple’s chemistry.

“The first thing that drew me to the relationship was how passionately they hated each other and how passionately they loved each other. I think the way [writer/director] Marc [Abraham] wrote the dynamic of the marriage and their dysfunctional relationship was very honest,” Elizabeth explained. “It wasn’t judgmental. That was something I found very interesting. I really love characters that people assume you’re supposed to not like and then defending them.”

Audrey was Hank’s business manager and collaborator as well as his wife. To get more of a feel for the late singing sensation and his spouse, Elizabeth visited the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville where there was an exhibit dedicated to him. Upon going through old family collages which weren’t part of the display, the actress was surprised to learn Audrey still followed Hank’s career with dedication even after their divorce in 1952, a year before he died.

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