Enemy Of Man


Sean Bean, Charles Dance, Rupert Grint, Jason Flemyng, James D’Arcy and Neil Maskell – to star in Vincent Regan’ script adaptation of Macbeth.

A timeless tale of war, regicide, betrayal and untimely revenge, based upon Shakespeare’s Macbeth. ENEMY OF MAN boasts a stellar cast led by Sean Bean (Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, the upcoming Jupiter Ascending), Charles Dance (Gosford Park, Game of Thrones, The Imitation Game), Rupert Grint (Harry Potter franchise, Cherrybomb), Jason Flemyng (Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Snatch), James D’Arcy (Cloudless, Hitchcock) and Neil Maskell (Kill List, Wild Bill).

EXCLUSIVE: Also joining the ranks, William Moseley (Chronicles of Narnia) and Joe Gilgun (Lockout, This is England)

ENEMY OF MAN marks the directorial debut of actor Vincent Regan (Snow White and the Huntsman, Troy, 300) and is produced by Steve Harvey (St George’s Day), Jasper Smith (Playjam, Gamestick), Roopesh Parekh (Da Vinci’s Demons, Red Dwarf X, The Liability) and Kaush Bharti (Clubbed, Twenty8k )

Watch a promo for ENEMY OF MAN, with an introduction from Director Vincent Regan

As civil war comes to an end, the Scottish King Duncan’s generals, Macbeth and Banquo, meet three mysterious Sisters who prophesy that Macbeth will, one day, become King of Scotland. His ambition whetted, Macbeth is no longer satisfied to remain loyal to his sovereign; the seeds of deadly conspiracy are sown. Fate plays its part as the King decides to pay a visit to Macbeth’s castle, in tribute to his general’s wartime valour. Macbeth takes his wife, Lady Macbeth, into his confidence regarding the Sisters’ prophecy; together they hatch a plot to kill Duncan and implicate his servants in the murder. Events soon unravel and Macbeth and Lady Macbeth sink deeper into the morass of lies, conspiracy, murder and guilt that accompanies their illicit rise to power and, inevitably, their fall into darkness.

The team behind the Kickstarter campaign for The Fitzroy, the highest-grossing British narrative film project on the crowd funding platform to date, are exclusively running the ENEMY OF MAN campaign. The Kickstarter campaign has already raised over $180k. The campaign has only two days left and ends on April 6th 2014.

ENEMY OF MAN is set for production in the summer of 2014.



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