Epic of Everest


The Epic of Everest (1924) is the official film record of the third attempt to climb Mt. Everest and features ill-fated climbers George Mallory and Andrew Irvine, who died on the expedition. Debate still rages over the question of whether they actually reached the summit.

The film was shot by Captain John Noel, a heroic, pioneering explorer. In 1919, in the course of a paper to the Royal Geographical Society, he made the first public suggestion that Mount Everest should be climbed. The first reconnaissance trip was undertaken in 1921 and no moving images are known to exist. The second Everest expedition took place in 1922 and was the first ever film shot in Tibet. For the third Everest expedition in 1924, Noel bought the rights to all still photography and moving image material and was himself the official cameraman. The tragic end to the expedition – when Mallory and Irvine disappeared – continues to be the subject of debate and remains an enduring mystery.

Certificate: U     Distributor: BFI Distribution

Dir. J.B.L. Noel, UK, 1924, 87 mins

Cast: Andrew Irvine, George Mallory

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