Eve Hewson: ‘I’m excited to give Maid Marian a crack’

Eve Hewson can’t wait to bring her own interpretation of Maid Marian to Robin Hood: Origins.

It was recently revealed that the 24-year-old Irish actress had signed up to star in the upcoming film, alongside Taron Egerton as Robin. Otto Bathurst will helm the movie, and Eve is looking forward to the gritty new version of the time old tale.

“I read with Taron and he’s incredible,” Eve told Total Film magazine. “Marian was a pioneer. All I can really say is I’m excited to give it a crack and I think it’s going to be a new take on the role.”

Eve is the daughter of U2 frontman Bono and his wife Ali Hewson. After several small roles, her profile is becoming bigger thanks to parts in films such as Bridge of Spies, in which she played Tom Hanks’ character’s daughter. Starring alongside such an acting veteran in the movie directed by Steven Spielberg was a somewhat daunting prospect for Eve, but the pair did their utmost to put her at ease on set.

“I was pretty shaky on my first day but Steven will chat to you like a normal human being, even though you’re staring at him going, ‘Oh my God, that’s Steven Spielberg!’” she said. “And for Tom, it’s his living room. He feels very comfortable.”

It remains to be seen whether Eve will ever be cast in a project which will see her tap into her musical genes. While she admits she does not take after her father on the singing front, she does have some musical skills.

“I did not inherit the singing which is probably good for my ego because I would have loved to have been a pop star,” she said. “But I did grow up playing the drums and guitar.”

– Cover Media