Everyone’s Going To Die Showfilmfirst Special

section of the film poster for upcoming British film 'Everyone's Going To Die'

Everyone’s Going To Die is about two lost souls. One last chance. Melanie’s life in a seaside town is going nowhere until she meets Ray, back in town with a shady job to do. A moment’s escape becomes a chance to save themselves, and each other. Everyone’s Going To Die is a modern British story about coming home, getting by and the redemptive power of feeling you’re not alone.

Released in cinemas 26th June and starring Nora Tschimer, Rob Knighton, Kellie Shirley, Showfilmfirst chatted to director Jones about this new independent British Movie, including how the film came about and his advice for future filmmakers.

Read our Everyone’s Going to Die special for more information on the film and interview with the film makers:

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