The first clip has arrived online for Ex-Machina, in which Domhnall Gleeson and Oscar Isaac discuss the ins and outs of the Turing Test.

As Isaac explains here, the Turing Test is a method for ascertaining whether or not a machine is artificially intelligent, a test that he and Gleeson are about to carry out on Alicia Vikander’s robot.

As Gleeson points out, a successful test would be a huge milestone in “the history of Gods”, but as we know, playing God in the movies tends to have disastrous consequences.

Written by Alex Garland, who is also making his directorial debut, the new film looks like a genuinely unnerving slice of sci-fi creepiness, as Gleeson finds himself feeling ever more manipulated by the inscrutable Isaac…

Co-starring Chelsea Li and Corey Johnson, Ex-Machina will open in the UK on 23 January 2015, before arriving in the US on 10 April 2015.

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