‘Exit’ unfolds around a diagnosis of early-onset menopause. Ling (Chen), 45, a garment worker, finds herself struggling with middle age when dealing with a rebellious teenage daughter, a hospitalised mother-in-law, and an absent husband.

Desperate to escape her mundane life, she becomes aware of an injured man with bandaged eyes in the hospital bed opposite her mother-in-law. Her increasingly intimate interactions with this stranger promise to rekindle Ling’s dormant desire, leading to a series of out-of-character episodes.

Flashed with moments of black humour, Exit is a genuine portrait of a woman trapped between two generations, balancing her desire against conforming to social expectations.

Drama | Romance | World

Dir. Hsiang Chienn, Taiwan, 2014, 94 mins, subtitles

Cast: Shiang-Chyi Chen, Ming-Hsiang Tung


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