The Falling


Carol Morley writes and directs this masterful and eagerly anticipated follow up to her acclaimed DREAMS OF A LIFE. A mesmerising psychological drama, THE FALLING explores a mysterious fainting and twitching outbreak in 1969 at an all-girls school. At the centre of the epidemic are the intense and clever Lydia (MAISIE WILLIAMS), and the admired but rebellious Abbie (FLORENCE PUGH).

Within the volatile, eerie atmosphere of the school and her troubled home life, Lydia is driven to discover the truth behind the mystery whilst holding onto her fragile friendship with Abbie. As the fainting escalates Lydia confronts the authority figures around her: her self-absorbed mother (MAXINE PEAKE), the indomitable deputy head Miss Mantel (GRETA SCACCHI), and the enigmatic headmistress Miss Alvaro (MONICA DOLAN). Eventually, Lydia’s actions force old secrets into the light as she finds truths that she never expected.

Certificate: 15          Drama | Mystery

Dir. Carol Morley, UK, 2014, 102 mins

Cast: Maisie Williams, Florence Pugh, Maxine Peake, Greta Scacchi



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