Frequently asked questions and contact details

We’re confident that you’ll be able to find the answer to your query below. Please check carefully before you decide to contact us, as we won’t respond to your message if the solution is on this page.


Joining, updating and unsubscribing

I’ve applied for membership. When will I find out if I’ve been successful?

If your application is accepted, you’ll hear from us within 30 days. In some areas, we have a full quota and will hold new applicants on a waiting list until space becomes available.

I’m already a member. How do I update my details?

Once you have logged in, click on My Account and you’ll be able to update your account details, address and password.

Why are you asking me to opt in?

Membership requires that we are able to email you with details of future events and contact you regarding current ones. If you do not give us permission to email you, we can't offer you membership.

Note that if you become a member and then Unsubscribe from our emails, you will lose your membership!

I want to close my account. How do I do this?

To close your account, first login and then click My Account.

You will then see a Close my account option.

If you choose to do so, your details will be deleted from our Membership database!

Note that acceptance of any re-application for Membership is at our discretion and is not guaranteed.

I’ve accidentally closed my account. What do I do?

Once you’ve closed your account, we no longer hold any of your details in our database and you will need to reapply for membership.

If you've accidentally closed your account, e.g. by clicking Unsubscribe in one of our emails, please contact us using the form below.

Please note that acceptance for Membership is not guaranteed.


Bookings and cancellations

Why is the venue I want to book not listed?

When a location no longer appears as an option it means all the tickets for this venue have been allocated. If anyone cancels their tickets, the tickets will become available via the link we sent you, so please check back at a later date.

I clicked the ticket link in your email as soon as I received it. Why were there no tickets left?

Due to our large membership and some tickets being very limited, you may find that they get snapped up quickly. If anyone cancels, their ticket will be made available again via the ticket link we sent you, so it’s worth checking back at a later date.

I have booked tickets. Why haven’t I received them yet?

Our email may have gone to your spam folder – you can avoid this in future by adding to your safe senders list.

If you have not received tickets via email, log into your SFF account - you can view, download and print your available tickets directly from there.

There is sometimes a delay between accepting and being issued with your tickets. If you haven’t received them after 2 hours, please contact us using the form below, indicating the name, date and time of the show and the quantity of tickets booked.

Can I change the name on my ticket?

Once a booking has been made we can’t change the name on the ticket or the guest list.

How do I book an extra ticket for tonight’s show?

Unfortunately, we can’t add extra tickets to a booking once it’s been made.

I booked tickets for the wrong date. Can I change them?

Please tell us about the issue on our contact form below and we’ll check this for you.

Can you tell me what seat I’ll be in?

As with all ShowFilmFirst tickets, we give no guarantees as to where the seats will be and unfortunately we can't accommodate any special requests. Your tickets are allocated in advance by the venue and will be given to you on arrival. We would advise that the earlier you arrive, the more likely you are to be placed in the best seats.

I am disabled. Will I be given a suitable seat?

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that the venue will be able to accommodate any special requirements. The ticket offers that ShowFilmFirst are able to provide are based on a limited number of seats available for a specific event on a specific evening, which we make clear in the terms and conditions of the offer. The seats allocated to ShowFilmFirst for their members cannot be changed.

I have booked more than one ticket. Will we be seated together?

Venues do try to ensure that guests are seated together, particularly those in pairs, but we cannot guarantee that your entire party will be seated together.

I can’t print my tickets. Can I show them on my smartphone?

We recommend that you make every effort to print your ticket as not all venues will be able to accept tickets on smartphones. You can try using your smartphone as a ticket, but please be aware that you may be turned away and it’s up to you whether you want to take that risk. If you’ve paid an admin fee for your ticket, the box office at the venue will have a guest list, but admission remains at the venue’s discretion.

Why is it ‘first come, first served’ if I already have a ticket?

Sometimes, events are overbooked to ensure that they are full. It is very unlikely that you will not gain admission, however we advise that you arrive early at the venue, just in case. In the unlikely event of you not gaining admission due to circumstances beyond our control, your admin fee will be refunded.

Which ID is acceptable?

A debit or credit card is normally sufficient. If photographic ID is required, it will be specified in the T&C’s on your ticket confirmation email, in which case your passport or driving license will be required.

Will the admin fees I paid be refunded if I cancel my ticket?

Admin fees are non-refundable. These fees cover the cost of setting up the show and making tickets available. If you cannot attend an event, please do cancel your ticket so that we can offer it to someone else. If you don’t, seats will be left empty, which may cause issues with the venue and impact on what we can offer in the future.

The event I attended wasn’t full. Why can’t you issue more tickets?

Unfortunately, sometimes our members accept tickets but don’t use them. We share your frustrations, and ask that members only accept tickets that they will definitely use and that they cancel them if their plans change. If you need to cancel, you can do so by following the link at the bottom of your ticket confirmation email.

My ticket says it is just for one person, I booked XX number/I only received one ticket.

First, check your Paypal account to see how much you paid for your tickets and how many you paid for in total.

Second, read the T&Cs for the offer (either on the booking page or the bottom of your voucher if you have received one) and check whether this is a barcoded event.

If so, each ticket you booked will be sent to you as an individual voucher with a unique barcode. You must print and take all barcoded tickets with you.

I have accidentally cancelled my tickets!

First, please log into your SFF account and go to My Tickets to see which ones you still have booked. If the event was one with individual barcoded tickets, you have probably only cancelled one of your tickets, as each will have been sent to you separately. It is important you check the barcodes on each ticket. If you are still missing tickets, please contact our helpdesk directly including the name of the show, the date/time you booked and details of any tickets you still have and/or have deleted.

My friend is going to arrive earlier/later, can I give them their ticket ahead of time so they can go in without me?

We recommend that you and your guests arrive together in case you are asked to present ID. If you give your friend their ticket so they can arrive separately, please be aware that you do so at your own risk as they may be refused entry without you.

Once I have been admitted, can I leave and come back later?

This is normally up to the individual event organisers. SFF Tickets can only be scanned once, as each has a unique barcode, so we always recommend that you do not plan to leave and re-enter the venue. Some organisers, however, will give wristbands in exchange for tickets, which may be used for re-entry. We recommend that you check the event's website for more details.


Early Alerts Service

What is EAS?

Our Early Alerts Service (EAS) is a subscription service for members who want to hear about our great deals before anyone else. We know that our best offers tend to get snapped up really fast, so EAS gives you a better chance of getting those coveted tickets before they’re gone.

Application for EAS membership is currently closed.

I subscribe to the EAS. Why don’t I receive ALL alerts early?

Some of our offers are given to us at the last minute, so we don’t always have the time to notify EAS subscribers before we send out a general email. Whenever we get an offer in time, we notify EAS subscribers first.


Website and email issues

Why haven’t I received any emails from you recently?

Please log in to your account to make sure that all of your contact details are correct and that you have opted in to receive emails from us. It could also be that our emails are going to your spam folder. You can add us to your safe senders list to avoid this. If your details are correct and our emails aren’t in your spam folder, it may simply be that there haven’t been any appropriate events in your area recently.

I have one of your ticket links. Why doesn’t it work?

Links can only be used by the member that the invite was sent to. If the link was sent to you, please check that you are logging into our site with the same email address. If the link has been forwarded to you by someone else, you will not be able to use it.

Why did my friend receive an offer for a show but I didn’t?

It could be that the event was suited your friends’ preferences or demographic but not to yours, according to the information you provided us with when you signed up. You can change your preferences by logging into our site. If we have just a few tickets for an event that would appeal to a wide number of our members, or we have too many members that match the audience brief for a specific event, we run an automated selection process. This process ensures a fair, unbiased selection. It may be that our algorithm simply did not pick you on this occasion.


PayPal issues

I’m having problems using PayPal. Can you help?

As you may know, PayPal is an entirely separate company and as such we can’t offer any advice on issues you may have with their service. All of our payments are made through PayPal and unfortunately we cannot take payment via any other method. It may help to visit PayPal’s own customer service portal here, where you’ll find FAQs and contact details.


Business to Business

I’m a filmmaker or distributor. How do I find out more about SFF research screenings?

Please email us at for more information.

How do I contact SFF about offering tickets to my event?

Please email us at for more information.

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