New DVD/VOD: Fathers and Daughters (15)

When Jake Davis loses his wife, he tries to coast along by throwing himself into work and raising his beloved daughter, Katie. As a Pulitzer prize-winning writer, his career seems to be on the up and anticipation for his next release is great.

When he begins having seizures during a book signing, it becomes clear that something is wrong. Now trying to cope with a serious illness, he struggles with the pressures of his career and Katie must go live with relatives.

To make matters worse, his next release tanks and the hope of getting his life back on track quickly begins to fade.

Fast forward 27 years and Katie is fighting her own demons. Love begins to blossom when she meets Cameron, but the scars from her dysfunctional childhood begin to appear and she battles to forge lasting bonds with the people around her.


Dir. Gabriele Muccino, US/Italy, 2015,

Cast: Amanda Seyfried, Aaron Paul, Diane Kruger


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