Feature: Point Break

A young FBI agent infiltrates an extraordinary team of extreme sports athletes he suspects of masterminding a string of unprecedented, sophisticated corporate heists.

The idea for a 2015 Point Break began in the best possible place: in the hearts of true fans. “The first ‘Point Break’ was amazing, inspiring. We all loved it and were influenced by it,” says director Ericson Core, whose intent was to honour its original premise and themes while pushing the story’s physical limits to the wall and then going over that wall by taking it to another level in ways that would have been impossible 25 years ago. “We wanted to use that inspiration to bring our own vision of ‘Point Break’ to the screen, expanding it on a global scale, with today’s most extreme, world-class athletes driving the action.”

At the same time, Core and the filmmaking team understood that a big part of what made Point Break so compelling was the relationship between its two strong-willed leads: the rookie FBI agent Johnny Utah, trying to shake his demons and find his place in the world, and his elusive quarry Bodhi, a charismatic force of nature with an unusual agenda. This pivotal conflict between individuals who appear diametrically opposed but are oddly simpatico remains the basis of the story. Additionally, Core states, “Many of the philosophic questions Bodhi raises merit deeper exploration, like the idea of being truly free and living by your own code, so we kept all of that alive.”

What’s radically different is the canvas on which Utah and Bodhi’s conflict plays out amidst the larger drama. The crimes that Bodhi and his gang commit are more sophisticated and dangerous now, with far-reaching motives and implications, and the lengths to which Utah must go to take him down will push him further into untested terrain.

Enlarging the story beyond the exploits of daredevil surfers pursuing an endless summer on the California coast, the new film commands a worldwide stage. Touching down in 11 countries across four continents, it offers a rare look into what it means to be an extreme athlete today, by incorporating the most stunning exhibitions of motocross, skydiving, wingsuit flying, snowboarding, free climbing and, of course, big-wave surfing, executed by those who have dedicated-and risked-their lives to perfect these jaw-dropping feats, many of which have never been seen before in a feature film.

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