Feature: Taking Stock

Taking Stock is a fun Bonnie and Clyde inspired comedy drama crime caper set in London. Written and directed by indie award winning writer/director Maeve Murphy, actress & model Kelly Brook stars as Kate, an out of work actress who is working in a shop. Until she gets made redundant, that is. In a week from hell, Kate’s boyfriend leaves her, the shop goes bust and much to her dismay, rent and gas bills have not been paid.  At rock bottom, Kate seizes her destiny by revealing her inner bad girl. Inspired by Bonnie Parker, Kate gathers a gang from her young shop assistant friends and comes up with a plot to rob the shop. But where is her Clyde?

Maeve Murphy, whose Beyond the Fire won Best UK Feature at the London Independent Film Festival, talks about Taking Stock, which premiered at the Raindance Film Festival.


“I wanted to make a film with a playful, fun, comedic tone that people could relate too. I started writing the film during the recession and financial worries were on a lot of people’s minds, they still are in this austerity era, so there is a gentle topical resonance. Yet it also gives a  kind of release from that worry too.

“Kate, the heroine who drives the film, is an unlikely bad girl, she is having a tough time at the start of the fim, having been made redundant and also dumped by her boyfriend. I wanted a female lead, an ordinary young woman who is struggling in life but who has a joyous indomitable spirit. I wanted the film to have a buoyant feel as Kate and her shop assistant friends come up with their own daft quick fantasy fix.  I also wanted this tone to be reflected in how the film was shot in a kind of up beat way coming from their local reality. All of the shop assistant robbers have been made redundant without redundancy payment. To then decide to rob the shop seemed like a fun entertaining premise.


“Kate is taking control. She is finding inspiration in Bonnie Parker, of the legendary renegade crime duo. Black and white dreams contrast with the colourful vibrancy of  the current. Stylistically it is like Kate has walked into the original black and white photos of Bonnie and Clyde and become Bonnie. She escapes into fantasy. She tries to bring that fantasy into reality when she dresses up in vintage clothes with her friends. By the end of the film, she realises fantasises in reality don’t go according to plan.

“I wanted a Kate who had likability, comic sensibility and also could be a sexy Bonnie. The likeability was most important; we had to be rooting for her, engaged with her.  Kelly is a good actress and comedienne and has a very natural charm.



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