Feature: Theatre Etiquette – where did it start

SFF @ The Theatre with West End Wilma

Theatre Etiquette has always been a hot topic of conversation amongst theatre-goers.

Theatre is an expensive hobby to have, especially if you are a family (children are rarely charged any less than adults if they want to see a show). With ticket prices now exceeding up to £250 each in London’s West End, why are people still treating the experience without respect?

Back in the 1600’s, when some of the first theatres were built, things were very different to how they are now. Theatre’s would separate the rich and the poor so that they didn’t have to sit together by either placing those less fortunate, standing in the main stalls area (allowing the more affluent customers to sit comfortably above) or in the Upper Circle where they did not have to be seen. Have you ever been to see a show and noticed that the entrance for the Upper Circle area is actually back outside the theatre? This was originally done so that the poor could enter and exit the theatre without having to interact with the upper class.

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