Feig’s Supermodel Snowpocalypse

The 1977 story of supermodels being snowed in on the slopes of Chile is heading to the movies…

Paramount has picked up the rights to Supermodel Snowpocalypse, an Elle magazine article written by Mickey Rapkin and Ghostbusters and Bridesmaids director Paul Feig will oversee its transition to the big screen.

Feig won’t be directing the adaptation, just producing it under his Feigco banner with his partner Jessie Hendeson. Feig, who directed The Heat and Bridesmaids, also produced The Peanuts Movie for Fox.

Supermodel Snowpocalypse will tell the story of a group of models, including Jerry Hall and Maria Hanson, ad execs and photographers who went to a mountain ski resort in Chile for a lavish fur-themed photoshoot in 1977. The group got snowed-in by a big storm and kept warm by partying like it was, well, 1977. They dug themselves out when the party started to run low.

Mickey Rapkin’s article was subtitled ‘This Drug-Fueled, Multimillion-Dollar Supermodel Snowpocalypse Has Been Fashion’s Best-Kept Secret Since ’77’.

Supermodel Snowpocalypse will be overseen by Dan Magnante of Feigco and Alana Mayo of Paramount. There is no word on casting yet.