We Are The Film

Who are the audience?

The one question we’re asked time and again as filmmakers.

Who are the audience?

Marketing shorthand for ‘how do we sell this movie?’ Who does it appeal to? Who will go to the cinema to see it?

It’s a reasonable question but the wrong people answer it. The middlemen.

You are the audience.

You have the power to decide what is made, what is seen and how you experience it. Not the middlemen. Not the marketeers. Not the studios and not the financiers.

Our goal is simple and yet revolutionary: We want you the audience to be our storytellers. We want you to tell us what story we should tell.

You will be our virtual film crew.

We want you to help us choose what genre of film we make, help us choose our actors, determine our plot, craft our storylines. You will be our creative core, our cast and our crew.

For the past 15 years Rich and I have been working as crew members on dozens of studio films based here in the United Kingdom. Along the way we’ve seen a boy wizard grow up, Tom Cruise prove the mission was possible, chased a giant whale into the deep blue and joined Matt Damon as he defied the world’s best assassins.

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