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Cinema Audience

Do you go to the cinema at least once a month?

Would you be interested in giving feedback on the experience and what films you are looking forward to seeing next?

We are keen to find out what you are planning on seeing at the cinema in the future, and we would like to know what film you saw, what trailers were playing and which ones you fancy seeing.

We would need to know a bit about you and your preferences, then would like you to let us have feedback at least once a month (it will be a simple free number to dial into)

In return… we will offer you preferential preview tickets and chances to win tickets and/or a Cineworld Unlimited card!

If you would be interested in find out more, could you simply let us have your email address and location and we will let you know as soon as this has been set up (it may be a few weeks).

Please sign up here if you would like more information on this programme:

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