The Best Film You May Never Have Heard Of


With so many films going to festivals and getting good feedback, but then not being released in cinemas, where do all the good films go? How can you find them?

We asked ShowFilmFirst members what was the best film they’d seen, that hadn’t had a big enough release and that they would recommend to anyone. To put this into perspective, we also asked them to name their favourite film of all time.

Here are the results…


The Best Film You May Never Have Heard Of Favourite Film
(as suggested by ShowFilmFirst members) (of the SFF Member suggesting it)
36 The Godfather
10 Items Or Less Big Lebowski
12 Angry Men Shawshank Redemption
12 Assassins The Fellowship Of The Ring
123 Frankie Go Boom Horrible Bosses
13 Tzameti Gattaca
13 Tzameti Shawshank Redemption
13th Warrior Dirty Dancing
2 Days In Paris The Godfather
2002 (starring Nicholas Tse) Star Wars Episode Iv
21 Grams One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest
25th Hour Fight Club
28 Days Later Shawshank Redemption
3 Days Of The Condor Godfather
4 Months, 3 Weeks And 2 Days Seven
50 First Dates 50 First Dates
50/50 Wizard Of Oz
500 Days Of Summer Lion King
6 Degrees Of Separation The Usual Suspects
8 Femmes West Side Story
8 Mile Fight Club
84 Charing Cross Road 84 Charing Cross Road
9 Queens (Argentinian Version) Casablanca
A Band Called Death A Fish Called Wanda
A Bittersweet Life Apocalypse Now
A Boy And His Dog (1975) Gone With The Wind
A Bronx Tale Fight Club
A Day In The Life Star Wars
A Dogs Breakfast The Nightmare Before Christmas
A Few Days In September Shindlers List
A Good Year Out Of Africa
A Good Year Out Of Africa
A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints The Deer Hunter
A New Leaf The Fellowship Of The Ring
A Night At The Roxbury Priscilla Queen Of The Desert
A Night On Earth Star Wars A New Hope
A Perfect World Raiders Of The Lost Ark
A Perfect World Scarface
A Prophet A Prophet
A Prophet The Godfather
A Royal Affair Jurassic Park
A Royal Affair The Last Of The Mohicans
A Scanner Darkly There Will Be Blood
A Scene At The Sea Lost In Translation
A Separation This Is Spinal Tap
A Simple Plan Escape From New York
A Simple Plan The Color Purple
A Simple Plan The Shawshank Redemption
A Summer Story A Room With A View
A Taste Of Honey (1961) All The President’s Men
A Time To Kill The Shawshank Redeption
A Very Long Engagement 4weddings And A Funeral
A Very Long Engagement Blade Runner
A Very Long Engagement Moulin Rouge
A Very Long Engagement Nanny Macphee
A Very Long Engagement Roman Holiday
A Very Long Engagement The Talented Mr Ripley
A Walk To Remember Romance
A Walk To Remember Toy Story
Aaltra The Idiots – Lars Von Trier
Abre Los Ojos (Open Your Eyes) Atonement
Accidental Hero Star Wars
Across The Universe 2001 A Space Odyssey
Across The Universe True Romance
Act Of Valour Dirty Dancing
Adam (2009) Withnail & I
African Queen Twilight Breaking Dawn
After Earth Superman
After Hours Midnight Run
After Hours The Third Man
After Hours Life Of Brian
After The Wedding Chocolate
Afterlife Remains Of The Day
Aguirre, The Wrath Of God Blade Runner
Aguirre, The Wrath Of God Conan The Barbarian (1982)
Al-Ghazali The Alchemist Of Happiness Seven Samurai
Albert Nobbs Far From The Madding Crowd
Alejandro Jodorowsky’s The Holy Mountain Blade Runner
All Stars Street Dance
All This And World War Two Shawshank Redemption
Almanya – Willkommen In Deutschland Billy Elliot
Almost Famous Slumdog Millionaire
Almost Famous The Matrix
Aloma Of The South Seas Avatar
Amacord The Good The Bad And The Ugly
American Astronaut The Big Lebowski
American Dreamer Reservoir Dogs
American Gangster American Gangster
American Splendor Adaptation
Amilie Edward Scissorhands
Among Giants Point Blank
Amores Perros Amores Perros
Amores Perros Dirty Dancing
Amores Perros Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind
Amores Perros Wizard Of Oz
Amour Life Is Beautiful
Amreeka Hannah Montana The Movie
Amy Foster Notting Hill
And God Created Woman(Bardot, 1956) Bringing Up Baby
Android Maltese Falcon
Angel Eyes The Kings Speech
Angel Heart Romeo And Juliet
Angels In America Talk To Her (Almodovar)
Animal Kingdom Goodfellas
Anonymous Lord Of The Rings
Another Earth Goonies
Another Earth The Departed
Anvil Chinatown
Any Way The Wind Blows Chungking Express
Apocalypto Dirty Dancing
Apollo 13 Apollo 13
Appollo 13 Saturday Night Fever
Archipelago High Society (1956)
Are We There Yet Grease
Argo Charlie And Choclate Factory 1971
Argo Titanic
Arlington Road Birdcage
Arlington Road Butterfly Effect
Arlington Road Shawshank Redemption
Arlington Road The Departed
Arlington Road The Shawshank Redemption
Arlington Road Thriller
Arlington Road Thriller
Army Of Darkness Gladiator
Arsenic And Old Lace Oliver!
Ask A Policeman Where Eagles Dare
Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes! Stardust
Au Revoir Les Enfants It’s A Wonderful Life
August Rush Goodfellas
Avatar Matrix
Away We Go Jurassic Park
Babette’s Feast Gone With The Wind
Babette’s Feast Star Wars
Babyface 1977 Far From The Madding Crowd
Babysitter Wanted Signs
Bad Boy Bubby Blade Runner
Bad Boy Bubby Leon
Bad Boy Bubby Memento
Bad Boy Bubby Pulp Fiction
Bad Santa Happy-Go-Lucky
Bad Taste Shaun Of The Dead
Badlands Badlands
Bagdad Cafe The Third Man
Ballad Of A Soldier Armageddon
Ballet Shoes The Great Gatsby
Bandit Queen Dr Zivago
Barbara Pulp Fiction
Barefoot In The Park The Notebook
Baseketball The Matrix
Bash Street Long Kiss Good Night
Bash Street Long Kiss Goodnight
Basic Romeo And Juliet (Baz Luhrmann)
Basketball Dark Knight Rises
Battle Of The Sexes Mary Poppins!
Battle Royale Alien
Battleship Star Trek
Be Kind, Rewind Crimson Tide
Beach Red The Italian Job
Beastmaster Pulp Fiction
Beautiful Boxer Godfather
Beautiful People The Big Chill
Before Midnight Before Sunset
Before Night Falls Clockwork Orange
Before Snowfall The Seventh Seal
Before Sunrise Before Sunrise
Before Sunrise Life Is Beautiful
Before Sunset The Matrix
Behind The Candlelarbra Spring Brakers
Bella It’s A Wonderful Life
Benny And Joon Harry Potter And The Philospher’s Stone
Benny And Joon Jumpin’ Jack Flash
Benvenuti Al Sud Life Is Beautiful
Bernie Bernie
Bernie The Usual Suspects
Best In Show The Commitments
Best Marigold Hotel Argo
Bette Bourne; It Goes With The Shoes Milk
Better Than Chocolate Breakfast At Tiffany’s
Better Things – Duane Hopkins The Sound Of Music
Betty Fisher Blade Runner
Beyond The Sea Love Is A Many Splendoured Thing
Big Fish Amelie
Big Fish Lord Of The Rings 1
Big Man Japan Big Man Japan
Big Night Citizen Kane
Big Wednesday Devil’s Advocate
Big Wednesday The Rainmaker
Bill Gone With The Wind
Bio Zombie Shaun Of The Dead
Bio-Dome The Shawshank Redemption
Birdcage Pulp Fiction
Birth Father Of The Bride
Bitter Moon The Shawshank Redemption
Biutiful Biutiful
Biutiful Gladiator
Black Avatar
Black Dynamite Despicable Me
Black (2005) Forrest Gump
Black Cat, White Cat Being John Malkovich
Black Cat, White Cat Lord Of The Rings
Black Cat, White Cat Princess Bride
Black Cat, White Cat Shawshank Redemption
Black Cat, White Cat Spirited Away
Black Christmas Dirty Dancing
Black Dynamite Memento
Black Dynamite The Matrix
Black Hawk Down Black Hawk Down
Black Narcissus Blade Runner
Black Shack Alley (Rue Casas Negras) The Godfather
Black Snake Moan Brick
Blackboard Jungle Casablanca
Blackfish What Dreams May Come
Bladerunner Star Wars
Blazing Saddles Whistle Down The Wind
Blinddate Grease
Blindness The First Wives Club
Blood And Doughnuts Fight Club
Blood Brother Blade Runner
Blood In Blood Out (heat)starring Al Pacino And Robert De Niro
Blood In Blood Out Scarface
Blood Simple Blood Simple
Blow Out Saturday Night Fever
Blow Out Terminator 2
Blue Velvet Shawshank Redemption
Bmx Bandits Gone With The Wind
Boat Trip Fifth Element
Bobby Collateral
Bodyguard Preety Woman
Boiler Room La Haine
Bombay Beach Bombay Beach!
Bombón: El Perro Little Miss Sunshine
Bombón: El Perro Turner & Hooch
Book Of Eli Titanic
Boondock Saints Snatch
Boondock Saints The Godfather Part 2
Boondock Saints Trainspotting
Boothnath (INDIAN Comedy Horror) Papillon
Box Of Moonlight Withnail And I
Boy Let The Right One In
Boy (2010 – New Zealand Film) Pulp Fiction
Boy Meets Girl I Know Where I’m Going
Boy. A Film By Taika Waititi When Harry Met Sally
Boys Don’t Cry The Crow
Boys On The Side Dead Again
Boys On The Side Dead Again
Boys On The Side Love Actually
Brain Dead Some Like It Hot
Brain Dead (by Peter Jackson) Lord Of The Rings
Bram Stoker’s Dracula The Ring 1
Brassed Off Some Like It Hot
Brazil Brazil
Brazil Star Trek Ii: The Wrath Of Khan
Brazil By Terry Gilliam Carlito’s Way
Breakfast On Pluto Quadrephenia
Breaking Away The Great Escape
Breaking Glass Warriors
Breaking The Waves One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest
Brick Fight Club
Brick House Of Flying Daggers
Brick Rushmore
Brick The Green Mile
Bridemaids Sex In The City
Brigham City The Americanization Of Emily
Bright Star Singin’ In The Rain
Brilliant Love West Side Story
Broken English (1996) The Wicker Man (1973)
Bronco Bullfrog Before Sunset
Brother Fight Club
Brotherhood Of The Wolf Ben Hur
Brotherhood Of The Wolf Blade Runner
Brotherhood Of The Wolf Indiana Jones And The Raiders Of The Lost Ark
Brotherhood Of The Wolf Lord Of The Rings Trilogy
Brotherhood Of The Wolf Star Wars
Brotherhood Of The Wolf The Shawshank Redemption
Brubaker Fargo
Brubaker Pretty Woman
Bubba Ho Tep Pulp Fiction
Bubble Boy The Italian Job
Buddha Collapsed (Out Of Shame) Miller’s Crossing
Buddy’s Song Under The Cherry Moon
Buffalo 66 Buffalo 66
Buffalo 66 Empire Records
Buffalo 66 The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy
Buffy The Vampire Slayer Pulp Fiction
Bug (2006) Alien
Bugis St Dirty Harry
Bullhead The Vengeance Trilogy
Bunny And The Bull The Man Who Wasn’t There
Buona Sera Mrs Campbell I Capture The Castle
Burglar The Shawshank Redemption
Bus 174 The Wizard Of I
Buster’s Bedroom Attack The Block
Butter Scott Pilgrim Vs The World
Butterfly On A Wheel The Shawshank Redemption
Buttoners (Knoflíkáři) Amélie
Bye Bye Braverman Casablanca
C.R.A.Z.Y Titanic
Cactus Jack Secondhand Lions
Cairo Time Butterfly Effect
California Solo Midnight Run
California Suite Star Wars: Episode Iv
Callas Forever Sleepless In Seattle
Candy 21 Grams
Cannibal The Musical Elf
Capricorn 1 The Graduate
Captains Courageous Lord Of The Rings
Careful! The Wizard Of Oz
Carmen By Carlos Saura 1983 Blade Runner
Carnival Of Souls The Haunting (Robert Wise)
Cashback Casablanca
Casshern Sci-Fi
Cat People (1942) Out Of Africa
Cat’s Miaow The 400 Blows
Catfish West Side Story
Cats Can’t Dance Dark Shadows
Chain (2004) Planet Of The Apes (1968)
Chain (2004) Planet Of The Apes (1968)
Changing Lanes Withnail & I
Chasing Ice Million Dollar Baby
Cheats (2002) The Matrix
Chemical Wedding Papillon
Chicken With Plums Amelie
Children Of Nature (Iceland 1991) Brazil (1985)
Chinese Burns Citizen Kane
Chocolat Roman Holiday
Chocolat The Godfather
Chronicle Starship Troopers
Chungking Express Chungking Express
Chunking Express Taxidriver
Cigerettes And Coffee American Beauty
Cinderella Man Black Dynamite
Cinderella Man Good Will Hunting
Cinema Paradiso A Room With A View
Cinema Paradiso Cabaret
Cinema Paradiso Cinema Paradiso
Cinema Paradiso Cinema Paradiso
Cinema Paradiso It’s A Wonderful Life
Cinema Paradiso Life Of Pi
Cinema Paradiso Seven Samurai
Cinema Paradiso The Godfather
Citizen Kane The Usual Suspects
Citizen X (released On Hbo) The Shawshank Redemption
City Of God Apocalypto
City Of God Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid
City Of God City Of God
City Of God Donnie Darko
City Of God Full Monty
City Of God Goodfellas
City Of God Goodfellas
City Of God Silence Of The Lambs
City Of God Up
Clay Pigeons Blade Runner
Clerks Clerks
Clerks One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest
Clerks One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest
Clerks 2 Lost In Translation
Cloak And Dagger Singin’ In The Rain
Clockwork Orange Goodfellas
Closely Observed Trains Cinema Paradiso
Closer Leaving Las Vegas
Cloud Atlas Ferris Buellers Day Off
Cloud Atlas Green Mile
Cloud Atlas Pan’s Labyrinth
Cloud Atlas Terms Of Endearment
Cloud Atlas The Dark Knight
Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs Aliens
Clubbed Skyfall
Clue Breakfast At Tiffanies
Clue Wizard Of Oz
Cocktail Notting Hill
Code 46 Children Of Men
Cohen And Tate Goodfellas
Colombiana The Parent Trap
Come And See Goodfellas
Come Back To The Five And Nine Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean Trust (Hal Hartley)
Confidence Top Gun
Connie And Carla Psycho
Connie And Carla Some Like It Hot
Consequences Of Love (Italian) The Godfather
Conviction The Notebook
Cookie’s Fortune All About My Mother
Copland The Departed
Corps À Corps Notting Hill
Cosi Les Enfants Du Paradis
Costa Brava The Hours
Counterfeit Contessa Dirty Dancing
County Kilburn Casablanca
Crash Think Like A Man
Crazy And Thief My Girl
Crazy Stupid Love Jaws
Creep The Omen
Creep The Shawshank Redemption
Cronos Cinema Paradiso
Crossing Delancey Blade Runner
Crossing Delancey My Fair Lady
Crossing Delancey West Side Story
Cruel Intentions Pitch Perfect
Cry Onion Indiana Jones (Raiders Of The Lost Ark)
Cry Wolf The Wave/Die Welle
Cry Wolf (British Werewolf Spoof) Some Like It Hot
Cube Trainspotting
Cypher Hard Boiled
Dad Dead Poets Society
Daisies (Sedmirkasky) Once Upon A Time In The West
Dancer In The Dark Moulin Rouge
Dancing Through The Dark The Witches Of Eastwick
Darby O’Gill And The Little People Waking Ned
Dark City Dark City
Dark City Goodfellas
Dark City The Blues Brothers
Dark City The Breakfast Club
Dark City The Usual Suspects
Dark City (1998) A Matter Of Life And Death
Dark Crystal Shawshank Redemption
Dark Eyes Cabaret
Dark Skies Cloud Atlas
Dark Star One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest
Dark Star Young Frankenstein
Dark Star (1974) Blade Runner (Director’s Cut)
Das Boot Aliens
Das Boot Saving Private Ryan
Das Experiment Children Of Men
Das Experiment K-Pax
Daybreakers Shawshank Redemption
Daytrippers The Big Lebowski
Dazed & Confused  
Dead Man On Campus Hot Fuzz
Dead Man’s Shoes Empire Strikes Back
Dead Man’s Shoes The Devil’s Backbone
Dead Man’s Shoes The Shawshank Redemption
Dead Man’s Shoes Trading Places
Dead Mans Shoe’s Lost Boy’s
Dead Mans Shoes Better Off Dead
Dead Mans Shoes Fargo
Dead Mans Shoes Terminator 2
Dead Mans Shoes Uncle Buck
Dead Zone Beetle Juice
Dean Spanley A Matter Of Life And Death
Dean Spanley Oliver!
Dear Frankie Lord Of The Rings Return Of The King
Dear Zachary Brazil
Death At A Funeral The Goonies!
Death Of A Cheerleader The Butterfly Effect
Death To Smoochy American History X
Death To Smoochy Empire Strikes Back
Death To Smoochy Star Wars
Deathwatch Night Of The Hunter (Charles Laughton)
Deep Cover North By Northwest
Defining Fay Until The End Of The World
Delhi Belly A Bronx Tale
Delicatessen Delicatessen
Delicatessen Sixteen Candles
Departures Harold And Maude
Departures Moulin Rouge
Departures Vertigo
Desert Flower A Good Year
Desert Heart Ghost
Detention The Seven Samurai
Die Hard Mama Mia
Die Herbstzeitlosen Some Like It Hot
Dirty Pretty Things Terminator 2
Discreetly Gladiator
District 13 Face/Off
District 13 Inception
District 13 The Fifth Element
District 9 Batman – The Dark Knight Rises
District 9 Bridesmaids
Diva Casablanca
Dog Day Afternoon Twelve Angry Men
Dog Soldiers The Blues Brothers
Dog Soldiers The Crow
Dog Soldiers The Lost Boys
Dog Soldiers The Matrix
Dog Tooth  
Dogma Dogma
Dogs In Space All About My Mother
Dogs In Space Star Wars Episode Iv
Dogs In Space Thelma & Louise
Dogtooth La Haine
Dogville Inception
Dogville The Towering Inferno
Don Quixote Jaws
Don’t Look Now Don’t Look Now
Don’t Look Now Godfather
Donkey Punch Die Hard
Donnie Darko Donnie Darko
Donnie Darko Skyfall
Donnie Darko Star Wars
Donnie Darko The God Father
Dororo Silence Of The Lambs
Dot The I Last King Of Scotland
Doublecrossed The Dear Hunter
Dr Horrible’s Sing Along Blog Solaris
Dragon Battle Of Britian
Dragon Blade Runner
Dragon Kill Bill
Dream Team Life Of Brian
Dreamer Cocktail
Dreams (Akira Kurosawa) Blade Runner
Dreams Of A Life Notes On A Scandal
Dreamscape Dreamscape
Dredd Star Wars Episode 4: A New Hope
Dredd 3d Cinema Paradiso
Driftwood Whistle Down The Wind
Drive Fight Club
Drive Goodfellas
Drive Scarface
Drive The Shawshank Redemption
Driver Black Hawk Down
Drop Dead Fred League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen
Duel Jaws
Duel The Good The Bad And The Ugly
Dumbo Drop Dr Zivargo
Dumplings (Korean Horror) Wizard Of Oz
Dune Italian Job
Dune Underworld
Dust Till Dawn Pulp Fiction
Eagle Vs Shark Superman: Man Of Steel
Eagle Vs Shark Some Like It Hot
Eat Pray Love A Passage To India
Eat Pray Love The Pursuit Of Happiness
Ed Wood Amadeus
Eddie & The Cruisers The Great Escape
Eden Lake Little Miss Sunshine
Election Sideways!
Elephant Taxi Driver
Elephant The Tree Of Life
Elephant Walk Butterfield 8
Elling Blade Runner
Elling (2001) Annie Hall
Elvira Madigan The French Connection
Empire Of The Sun Tarantino’s From Dusk Till Dawn
Empire Records Baz Lurhmans’ Romeo & Juliet
Empire Records Dirty Dancing
Empire Records Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back
Empire Records The Freedom Writers Diarys
Enchanted April Four Weddings And A Funeral
Endless Summer The Godfather
Entrapment Thomas Crown Affair
Entropy Gosford Park
Equilibrium 2010
Equilibrium Bladerunner
Eraserhead Brazil
Errors Of The Human Body Fight Club
Escape From Planet Earth Galaxy Quest
Eskimo Day The History Boys
Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind Beaches
Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind Gone With The Wind
Etre Et Avoir A Beautiful Life
Eulogy Annie Hall!
Even Dwarves Started Small Metropolis
Evening Fatal Attraction
Event Horizon Face/Off
Ever After Little Women
Everybody’s Baby, The Rescue Of Jessica Mcclure The Sound Of Music
Everyone’s Going To Die Titanic
Everything Is Illuminated Some Like It Hot
Everything Is Illuminated Trainspotting
Evil Roy Slade Young Frankenstein
Excision Wristcutters; A Love Story
Exit Through The Gift Shop Breakfast On Pluto
Extract Stand By Me
Eyes Wide Shut Stalker (by Tarkovskij)
F For Fake Raider Of The Lost Ark
Faithful Pretty Woman
Fallen Alien
Fallen Mama Mia
Fanboys Leon
Fantasia Green Mile
Fantasia Green Mile
Fantomas The Ususal Suspects
Fargo It’s A Wonderful Life
Fargo Rain Man
Father’s Day Dead Poets Society
Faust (Jan Svankmeyer) 2001: A Space Odyssey
Fear And Trembling (Stupeur Et Tremblements) Brazil
Fear Of A Black Cat Star Wars A New Hope
Fear Over The City Phonebooth
Female Agents Empire Of The Sun
Ferris Beuller’s Day Off Grosse Point Blank
Ferris Beuller’s Day Off Original King Kong
Ferris Beuller’s Day Off Shindler’s List
Ferris Beuller’s Day Off Transformers
Festen Alfie
Festen Bladerunner
Festen Bridges Of Madison County
Festen Swingers
Field Of Dreams Field Of Dreams
Finding Nemo Finding Nemo
Finter’s Adventure It’s A Wonderful Life
Firefox Gone With The Wind
Fireproof Sabrina
Fish Story A Matter Of Life And Death
Fish Story Grosse Pointe Blank
Fish Story Grosse Pointe Blank
Fish Story Grosse Pointe Blank
Fish Story Waking The Dead (J Connelley)
Fish Tank Scarface
Five Minarets In New York Cinema Paradiso
Flash Dance Harry Potter 8
Flawless (1999) The Artist
Flight Of Dragons The Last Unicorn
Flight Of The Navigator Jurassic Park
Following Breakfast At Tiffany’s
Forbidden Planet Forbidden Planet
Forbidden Zone Hausu
Forbidden Zone The Red Shoes
Fortress Harry Potter & The Philosopher’s Stone
Four Lions Fight Club
Four Weddings And A Funeral The Matrix
Foxfire Gone With The Wind
Frances Ha Buffalo 66′
Frank And Robot Avanti
Freaks Inglorious Bastards
Freaks, 1932 Taxi Driver
Freddie As F.R.O.7 Return Of The Jedi
Free Bird Delicatessen
Freedom Writers Crash
Freedom Writers Dirty Dancing
Freedom Writers Secrets & Lies
Freeway Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
Freeze Frame The Departed
Frequency Back To The Future
Frequency Dragonfly
Fresa Y Chocolate The Goonies
Fresh La Haine
Frida Pulp Fiction
Fried Green Tomatoes Pretty Woman
Fried Green Tomatoes Sleepless In Seatle
Fright Night Trainspotting
From The Hip Dead Pots Society
Fun La Haine
Funny Bones Manhattan
Funny Games (2007) Insidious (2010)
Gangs Of Wasseypur Shutter Island
Gangster No1 Anchorman
Garden State Garden State
Garden State Gone With The Wind
Garden State Good Will Hunting
Garden State Life Of Pi
Garden State Pulp Fiction
Garden State Shawshank Redemption
Garden State True Romance
Gasland The Good The Bad The Ugly
Gattaca Aliens 2
Gattaca Fight Club
Gegen Die Wand / Head On Leon
Genieve Calamity Jane
Gentlemen Broncos Alien
Gentlemen Broncos Blade Runner
Germinal V For Vendetta
Ghost Godfather
Ghost Dog Ghost Dog
Ghost World Grease
Ghosts Of The Civil Dead Good Will Hunting
Gia Secretary
Girl Just Want To Have Fun Beauty And The Beast
Girlfight Love And Basketball
Gleaming The Cube Shawshank Redemption
Gloire De Mon Pere 400 Blows
Gloomy Sunday (1999) Heimat
Glorious 39 Atonement
Glory Apocalypse Now
Go Breakfast Club
Gone With The Wind Gone With The Wind
Gone With The Wind The Deerhunter
Good Vibrations Repo Man
Good Will Hunting True Romance
Goodbye Lenin Fight Club
Goodbye Lenin Rocky
Goodbye Lenin When Harry Met Sally
Goodbye Lenin Where Eagles Dare
Goodfather 3 Dity Dancing
Goopy Gyne Bagha Byne Star Wars Ep 4
Gozu Le Haine
Grand Prix Shawshank Redemption
Grave Of The Fireflies Shawshank Redemption
Grave Of The Fireflies The Wizard Of Oz
Great Gatsby Candalabra
Great Gatsby Notebook
Greed Goodbye Mr Chips ( Robert Donat)
Green Mile Bridget Jones Diary
Green Mile Bucket List
Green Mile Dirty Dancing
Grizzly Man Sexy Beast
Grosse Pointe Blank Kind Hearts And Coronets
Grosse Pointe Blank Titanic
Groundhog Day Gone With The Wind
Grown Ups Grown Ups
Guardians Of The Mountain The Lord Of The Rings
Gumshoe Casablanca
Gun Of The Black Sun Cinema Paradiso
Hachi: A Dog’s Tale The Shawshank Redemption
Half Light The Green Mile
Hallam Foe Seven
Hangover 3 Fast And Furious
Hangover3 Batman Returns
Hansel And Gretel Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas
Happiness Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets
Happy Go Lucky Casablanca
Happy Go Lucky Closer
Happy Go Lucky Love Actually
Happy Together Shawshank Redemption
Happythankyoumoreplease Harvey
Harakiri (1962) Arsenic And Old Lace
Hard Candy Dirty Dancing
Hard Candy Super
Harold And Maude Awakenings
Harold And Maude The Philadelphia Story
Harold And Maude The Royal Tenenbaums
Harold And Maude (1971) Finding Nemo
Harold And Maude (1971) Muppets Christmas Carol (1992)
Harry Brown Gone With The Wind
Harry Brown Harry Brown
Harry Brown The Avengers
Harry Brown The Dark Knight
Harsh Times In Pursuit Of Happiness
He Loves Me … He Love Me Not (French) Sliding Doors
Head (The Monkees) Pulp Fiction
Head On (Fatih Akin) Smile Orange
Headhunters Aliens
Headhunters Apocolypse Now Redux
Headhunters Goodfellas
Headhunters Heat
Headhunters (Hodejegerne) True Romance
Headhunters (Hodejegerne) True Romance
Heart And Souls Some Like It Hot
Heart And Souls What Dreams May Come
Heartbreaker ( French Film) My Fair Lady
Heartbreaker (2010) Once Upon A Time In The West
Heartlands Some Like It Hot
Heaven 2001: A Space Oddesey
Heaven Lars And The Real Girl
Heaven’s Gate Batman Returns
Heavenly Creatures Die Hard
Heavenly Creatures The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy
Hedwig & The Angry Inch Some Like It Hot
Henry Fool Lost Highway
Hercules Returns Clerks
Hesher Silver Linings Playbook
Hey Hey It’s Esther Blueburger When Harry Met Sally
Hideaway Love Actually
Hideous Kinky Blues Brothers
High Fidelity The Prestige
Highway Fast & Furious
Him Indoors Aliens
Him Indoors Aliens
History Of The World (Part 2) Short Circuit 2
Hoosiers Field Of Dreams
Hot Rod Scarface
Hot Tub Time Machine Schindler’s List
House Of 1000 Corpses House Of 1000 Corpses
House Of Flying Daggers The Little Mermaid
House Of Games Taxi Driver
House Of Sand And Fog Edward Scissorhands
How I Ended This Summer Terminator 2
How To Make An American Quilt Inception
Huckle Leon
Hudson Hawk Wizard Of Oz
Hugo Hugo
Hukkle Leon
Hunky Dory Silence Of The Lambs
Hurrcain Carter Hurrcain Carter
Hydrabad Blues Terminator 1
Hysterical What’s Eating Glibert Grape?
I Am Divine Persona
I Am Sam The Goonies
I Capture The Castle The Notebook
I Know My First Name Is Steven Shawshank Redemption
I Saw The Devil The Count Of Monte Cristo (2002)
I Wish (dir Hirokazu Koreeda) Goodfellas
I’ll Never Forget What’s’isname Iron Man
I’m Gonna Git You Sucka! Fletch!
I’m Not Scared The Wicker Man
Ice Castles Shawshank Redemption
Ida’s Daughter It Just Can’t Be Done.
Idlewild Trading Places
If Leon
If Leon
If The Godfather
If (greek Film) Dirty Dancing
If……By Lindsey Anderson Slumdog Millionaire
Igby Goes Down Lost In Translation
Igby Goes Down One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest
Il Gattopardo ( The Leopard) Casablanca
Il Giorno Piu Bello Della Mia Vita The English Patient
Il Postino It’s A Wonderful Life
Imagine Amelie
Imitation Of Life Imitation Of Life
In Search Of A Midnight Kiss Casablanca
In Search Of A Midnight Kiss Wings Of Desire (Wim Wenders)
In Search Of The Castaways Star Wars
In The Bleak Midwinter A Matter Of Life And Death
In The Bleak Midwinter A Matter Of Life Or Death
In The Bleak Midwinter The Godfather
In The Dark Half (2012) Dune
In The House V For Vendetta.
In The Mood For Love In The Mood For Love
In The Soup In The Soup
In The Wrong Hands Scarface
Incendies Drive
Incendies It’s A Wonderful Life
Inception Easy A
Infidel Godfather
Ink Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind
Inside I’m Dancing Back To The Future Pt. 2
Inside I’m Dancing Battle Royale
Inside I’m Dancing Forrest Gump
Inside I’m Dancing Lord Of The Rings
Inside I’m Dancing Ryans’s Daughter
Inside I’m Dancing Sex & The City One
Inside I’m Dancing Shoreshank Redempsion
Intacto Casablanca
Intacto Cassablanca
Intacto Pulp Fiction
Into The Night North By Northwest
Into The West Disney’s Beauty And The Beast
Into The West The Full Monty
Into The Wild Amelie
Into The Wild Blues Brothers
Into The Wild Blues Brothers
Into The Wild Empire Strikes Back
Into The Wild Shawshank Redemption
Into The Wild Shawshank Redemption
Into The Wild Singles
Into The Wild Terminator 2
Into The Wild Water For Elephants
Intouchables La Vie En Rose
Intouchables Truly, Madly, Deeply
Ip Man A Beautiful Mind
Ip Man The Shawshank Redemption
Ip Man Titanic
Ip Man Transformers
Irina Palm Ghandi
Iron Sky Ghostbusters
Iron Sky Star Wars Episode 4 A New Hope
Iron Sky The Wedding Singer
Irresistable Attack Of The Clones
Irreversible Alien
Irréversible The Crow
It’s My Party Sin City
Its A Wonderful Life As Above
Ivans Xtc Pulp Fiction
Jack Reacher E.T
Jackie Brown The Royal Tenenbaums
Jackpot Shaun Of The Dead
Jacobs Ladder Poltergeist
Jagged Edge The Graduate
Japanese Story Hurt Locker
Japanese Story Lord Of The Rings
Jappeloup Dr Zhivago
Je Hais Les Acteurs Doctor Zhivago
Jean De Florette Shawshank Redemption
Jean De Florette Schindler’s List
Jeff, Who Lives At Home The Thing
Jeremiah Johnson Oliver The Musical
Jersey Girl Top Gun
Jeux D’artifices Mulholland Drive
Jeux D’enfants Braveheart
Jimi Hendrix At The Royal Albert Hall 1969 Jimi Hendrix At The Woodstock Festival 1969
Jindabyne The Lives Of Others
Joe Versus The Volcano The Wicker Man
John Carter City Lights
John Carter Wizard Of Oz
Johnny Mad Dog Pusher
Josie & The Pussycats Scott Pilgrim Vs The World
Juan Of The Dead Star Wars
Judgement Night Goodfellas
Jump Tomorrow Design For Living (1933)
Just Like A Woman Educating Rita
Kal Ho Na Ho Kal Ho Na Ho
Kamikaze Girls Raiders Of The Lost Ark
Katalin Varga A Matter Of Life And Death
Kate And Leopold When Harry Met Sallly
Kenny Napoleon Dynamite
Kenny The Terminator
Kes Mary Poppins
Kevin & Perry Go Large Bad Boys
Kick Ass A Nightmare On Elm Street
Kick Off V For Vendetta
Kicking And Screaming Big Lebowski
Kill List Fight Club
Killer Joe Pulp Fiction
Killer Joe Terminator 2
Killer Klowns From Outer Space Compulsion
Killer Klowns From Outer Space Lost Boys
Kings Of Pastry Fight Club
Kings Row Colour Purple
Kinky Boots Annie Get Your Gun
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang City Of God
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Howls Moving Castle
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang It’s A Wonderful Life
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Lost In Translation
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang The Last Seduction
Kiss Me Deadly The Third Man
Kiss Of The Damned Solaris (1972)
Kisses (2008) Moon (2009)
Kitchen Stories Educating Rita
Klute Black Hawk Down
Klute The Green Mile
Kontroll North By Northwest
Kontroll The Wild Bunch
Kuffs Dirty Dancing
Kung Fu Hustle Pan’s Labyrinth
Kung Pow Lion King
Kung Pow Enter The Fist Pulp Fiction
L’homme Du Train Amelie
L’homme Qui Voulait Vivre Sa Vie Grease
La Antena Edward Scissorhands
La Antena Pan’s Labyrinth
La Ardilla Roja Escape From New York
La Cabina Blade Runner
La Casa Muda His Girl Friday
La Dolce Vita Gone With Wind
La Haine One Flew Over The Cookoo’s Nest
La Haine The Godfather
La Hora Fría (The Cold Hour) The Exorcist
La Mission The Diving Bell And Butterfly
La Vita Est Belle It’s A Wonderful Life!
Labyrinth Labyrinth
Ladyhawke Kill Bill Vol. 1
Lagaan True Romance
Lantana Chinatown
Lantana The Shawshank Redemption
Lara And The Real Girl Avengers Assemble
Lars And The Real Girl Indiana Jones:Raiders Of The Lost Ark
Lars And The Real Girl Roman Holiday
Last Exit To Brooklyn Once Upon A Time In America
Last Life In The Universe The Good, The Bad And The Ugly
Last Night (1998) Annie Hall
Late Night Shopping Groundhog Day
Latter Days Lord Of The Rings Return Of The King
Law Abiding Citizen The Godfather (Part 1)
Laxdale Hall M. Hulot’s Holiday (Jacques Tati)
Le Bossu Pulp Fiction
Le Cop (& Le Cop 2) The Pink Panther
Le Dîner De Cons Broadcast News
Le Donk And Scor-Zay-Zee Stand By Me
Le Placard Notting Hill
Legend Breakfast Club
Legend Of 1900 Godfather
Legends Of The Fall Armagedon
Legends Of The Fall Gone With The Wind
Legends Of The Fall The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button
Leningrad Cowboys Go America The Empire Strikes Back
Leningrad Cowboys Go America Tokyo Story
Leolo Death In Venice
Leon Start Wars Episodes 4-6
Leon The Matrix
Les Diaboliques Fargo
Les Incendiers V For Vendeta
Les Miserables Gone With The Wind
Les Miserables Last Of The Mohicans
Les Miserables Les Miserables
Less Than Zero The Breakfast Club
Let Me In (2010) Schindler’s List
Let The Right One In Leon
Let The Right One In The Wicker Man
Letter To Bresznev Romeo And Juliet
Lie With Me Big Blue
Lief Is Beautiful Life Is Beautiful
Life Silence Of The Lambs
Life And Nothing But Dr Zhavigo
Life Is Beatiful The Terminal
Life Is Beautiful About A Boy
Life Is Beautiful Amelie
Life Is Beautiful Apocalypse Now
Life Is Beautiful Breakfast At Tiffany’s
Life Is Beautiful Grease
Life Is Beautiful Les Miserables
Life Is Beautiful Shawshank Redemption
Life Is Beautiful The Lives Of Others
Life Of David Gale Lake House
Life Of Pi Les Miserable
Life On A String Jesus Of Montreal
Like Water For Chocolate Baraka
Limbo Blade Runner
Limite – Mario Peixoto – 1930  
Little Man Tate Grosse Point Blank
Little Miss Sunshine American Pie
Little Miss Sunshine Dirty Dancing
Little Miss Sunshine Hilarious
Little Otik Back To The Future
Little Shop Of Horror Bambi
Little Shop Of Horrors Lord Of The Rings Trilogy
Little White Lies Intouchables
Little White Lies Life Is Beautiful
Live And Let Die Wisard Of Oz
Live And Let Live Iron Sky
Live! Ghostbusters
Living Out Loud Something’s Got To Give
Ll Pulp Fiction
Local Hero Casablanca
London American Psycho
Lootera Sound Of Music
Los Cronocrimenes Gladiator
Lost Christmas The Adjustment Bureau
Lost Highway Mulholland Drive
Lost In America On The Waterfront
Loukoumades me meli Fried Green Tomatoes
Love Actually Love Actually
Love And Basketball Bad Boys 2
Love And Basketball Shawshank Redemption
Love And Sex Midnight Express
Love Exposure The Holy Mountain
Love Honour And Obey It’s A Wonderful Life
Love In The Afternoon Some Like It Hot
Love Jones Boomerang
Love Me If You Dare Amelie
Love Me If You Dare Juno
Love Me If You Dare Little Miss Sunshine
Love Story (Florian Habicht) Monty Python’s Life Of Brian
Love, Honour & Obey Human Traffic
Love, Pain And The Whole Damn Thing Love, Pain And The Whole Damn Thing
Love’s Labour Lost (Kenneth Branagh/Alicia Silverstone) Moonstruck
Lovers Of The Arctic Circle Out Of Sight
Lovers Of The Arctic Circle The Ice Storm
Lucky Number Slevin The Empire Strikes Back
Lucky One Notebook
M V For Vendetta
Ma Femme Est Une Actrice Inception
Ma Vie En Rose Airplane!
Ma Vie En Rose Airplane!
Ma Vie En Rose Airplane!
Ma Vie En Rose The Usual Suspects
Mac And Me Grease
Machete Return Of The Jedi
Machuca Forest Gump
Mad Dog & Glory Bladerunner
Mad Love Last Of The Mohicans
Mad Max ET
Magnolia Magnolia
Major Dundee Bringing Up Baby
Malcolm (1986, Nadia Tass) Star Wars (episode 4, A New Hope)
Malcolm X (Spike Lee) Coming To America
Maléfique Requiem For A Dream
Malena Malena
Malevil Local Hero
Malice The Rock
Man Bites Dog No Country For Old Men
Man From Earth Labyrinth
Man Of Steel Avatar
Man Of Steel Ghost
Man Of Steel Shawshank Redemption
Man On Fire Man On Fire
Man On Fire Man On Fire
Man On Fire The Full Monty
Man On The Wire Twelve Monkeys
Man Push Cart Millennium Mambo
Man With The X-Ray Eyes Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas
Management The Godfather
Maniac Wez Cravens Scream
Margaret Ratcatcher
Margin Call Brazil
Marley And Me Bridgett Jones Diary
Martha – Meet Frank, Daniel And Laurence Dirty Dancing
Martha – Meet Frank, Daniel And Laurence Month Python And The Holy Grail
Mary & Max (2009 Animation) As Good As It Gets
Mary And Max The Goonies
Mary And Max The Nightmare Before Christmas
Mary Queen Of Scots Barry Lyndon
Mary Shelley’s Frankenhole Dirty Dancing
Material Art Kung Fu Master
Matewan Blade Runner
Maybe Baby Armageddon
McVicar Shawshank Redemption
Me And You And Everyone We Know Probably The Above!
Me Without You Bicycle Thieves (De Sica)
Meet Joe Black The Godfather
Meet The Feebles The Lord Of The Rings
Meet The Parents (1992) The 400 Blows
Melancholia Kick Ass
Memento Die Hard
Memento Die Hard
Memento Inception
Memories Of Matsuko The Mummy!
Memphis Blues Brothers
Men With Brooms Legally Blonde
Men’s Group Shadowlands.
Merantau Paths Of Glory
Mermaid (Russian Film) Dancer In The Dark
Mesrine Part 2 Public Enemy No.1 Avartar
Message From Nam Scrooged
Metropolitan A Life Less Ordinary
Micmacs Breakfast Club
Micmacs Muppet Christmas Carol !
Mid-August Lunch Amores Perros
Midnight Express Sound Of Music
Midnight In Paris Becoming Jane
Midnight In Paris Clueless.
Midnight In Paris Forrest Gump
Midnight In Paris Gone In 60 Seconds
Midnight In Paris Harvey
Midnight In Paris Shawshank Redemption
Midnight In Paris Some Like It Hot
Midnight Sting (aka Diggstown) Goodfellas
Mina Tannenbaum (1994) Blade Runner
Miracle In The Rain Gone With The Wind
Miracle Mile 2001: A Space Odyssey
Mirrormask Labyrinth
Miss Nobody Zombieland
Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day Star Wars
Mississippi Masala Crimson Tide
Moby Dick (1956) Shogun Assassin (1980)
Momento 12 Monkeys
Momento Matrix
Momentum Whatever Happened To Baby Jane
Monkeybone Inception
Monster Squad The Karate Kid
Moon Anchorman
Moon Blade Runner
Moon Fight Club
Moon Man On Fire
Moon Pulp Fiction
Moon Pulp Fiction
Moon Stardust
Moon Zoolander
Moon (2009) Return Of The Jedi
Moonrise Kingdom Close Encounters Of The Third Kind
Moonrise Kingdom Harold And Maude
Moonrise Kingdom The Shawshank Redemption
Mr Deeds Sex In The City 2
Mr Forbush And The Penguins Pulp Fiction
Mr Holland’s Opus Amadeus
Mr Holland’s Opus Forrest Gump
Mr Holland’s Opus Up Close And Personal
Mr Nobody Amelie
Mr Nobody Memento
Mr Vampire Kill Bill (1+2)
Mr Vampire Kill Bill I
Much Ado About Nothing (2013) Scott Pilgrim Vs The World
Mud Inception
Muppet Treasure Island Some Like It Hot
Murder In The First Stand By Me
Music And Lyrics (2007) Life Is Beautiful (1997)
My Afternoons With Margueritte Goodfellas
My Dinner With Andre E.T.
My First Mister Footloose
My First Mister Priceless (hors De Prix)
My Life Without Me Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
My Life Without Me Lord Of The Rings Trilogy
My Life Without Me Psycho
My Life Without Me The Goonies
My Name Is Khan Bride And Prejudice
My Name Is Khan Shawshank Redemption
My Own Private Idaho Blade Runner
My Own Private Idaho My Own Private Idaho
My Own Private Idaho True Romance
My Summer Of Love Drive
My Summer Of Love  
My Way Avatar
Mysterious Skin The Empire Strikes Back
Mystery Men The Big Lebowski
Mystic River Shawshank Redemption
Naked Lunch Naked Lunch
Naked Tango Dirty Dancing
Naked Tango Dirty Dancing
Namak Haram Indiana Jones And The Raiders Of The Lost Ark
Natural Selection Rocky
Near Dark (Kathryn Bigelow 1987) The Godfather (part 1)
Never Let Me Go (1953) Shane (1953) – Alan Ladd
Next Stop Wonderland Annie Hall
Niagara Niagara The Breakfast Club
Nick Of Time Shawshank Redemption
Night Of The Comet Pulp Fiction
Night Of The Demon (Dana Andrews) The Usual Suspects
Night Of The Hunter On The Waterfront
Night On Earth Donnie Darko
Night On Earth Night On Earth, Lol
Nine Queens Annie Hall’
Nine Queens Joe Black
Nine Queens Out Of Africa
Ninth Configuration Bladerunner
No Man’s Land (1987) Highlander
No One Lives Man On Fire
No Reservations E.T.
No Way Out Bridget Jones Diary
Nobody Else But You Some Like It Hot
Nobody Knows Point Break
Nobody Knows The Sound Of Music
North By Northwest Good, Bad And The Ugly
Nosferatu Blade Runner
Nostradamus Wild Wild West
Notebook Gone With The Wind
Now And Then The Shawshank Redemption
Now Is Good Fast And Furious Tokio Drift
Now Is Good Now Is Good
Now Is Good The Goonies
Nowhere Boy The Shawshank Redemption
Nowhere Boy The Shawshank Redemption
Number 23 Phenomenon
Nuts In May Nuts In May
Ocean Heaven – China 2010 Hero
October Sky A Walk To Remember
October Sky The Lord Of The Rings
Office Space Goodfellas
Office Space Stranger Than Fiction
Old Boy Casino
Old Boy Shaw Shank Redemption
Old Boy Star Wars 4-6
Old Boy The Colour Purple
Old Boy Too Manyto Choose From
Old School The Notebook
Oldboy 300
Oldboy Enter The Dragon
Oldboy One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest
On Her Majesty’s Secret Service Skyfall
On The Bridge Pulp Fiction
On The Edge To Have And Have Not
Once Amelie
Once It’s A Wonderful Life
Once Pitch Perfect
Once The Godfather
Once To Kill A Mockingbird
Once Apon A Time In America Shaw Shank Redemption
Once Upon A Time In America The Godfather 1 And 2
Once Were Warriors The Breakfast Club
One Day The Notebook
One From The Heart Cinema Paradiso (Giuseppe Tornatore)
One From The Heart Double Life Of Veronique
One Night With The King Moulin Rouge
One Of Our Dinosaurs Is Missing Jurassic Park
Onibaba Sound Of Music
Ordet Seven Samurai
Orlando Laurence Of Arabia
Orlando Rita, Sue And Bob Too
Orphans Sophie’s Choice
Oscar Stargate
Osmosis Jones Porkys
Other People’s Money The Illusionist
Our Daily Bread Pulp Fiction
Our Day Will Come The Lives Of Others
Outland (1981) Alien
Outpost 3 Planet Of The Apes
Over 21 Grease
Overboard Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
Palookaville Star Wars
Pan’s Labyrinth Amelie
Pan’s Labyrinth Avengers Assemble
Pan’s Labyrinth Shawshank Redemption
Panic Mechanic Dirty Dancing
Paparazzi (2004) The Godfather
Paperhouse Die Hard
Paprika Jurassic Park
Paradise Now Princess Bride
Pariah The Usual Suspects
Paris Je’taime Paris Je’taime
Paris Manhattan Alice In The Cities
Paris Trout Leon
Parting Glances Coup De Foudre
Pather Panchali The Wizard Of Oz
Pathfinder (Norwegian) King Kong
Pathfinder (Ofelas) Lord Of The Rings Trilogy
Pauli As Good As It Gets
Pay It Forward Freedom Writers
Pay It Forward Scent Of A Woman
Pay It Forward Shawshank Redemption
Pay It Forward The Amazing Mr Blunden
Pecker The Royal Tenenbaums
Perfect Sense Moulin Rouge!
Perfect Sense Perfect Sense
Perfect Sense 2012 Sweet Charity
Perks Of Being A Wall Flower Pretty Woman
Permanent Record (1988) Aliens (1986)
Persepolis Airplane
Personal Services Gladiator
Phone Swap The Lives Of Others
Phonebox Crank
Pieces Of April The Princess Bride
Pimpernel Smith Kind Hearts And Coronets
Pimpernel Smith Pimpernel Smith
Pineapple Express Good Fellas
Ping Pong Amelie
Pitch Perfect Enchanted
Pitch Perfect Its A Wonderful Life
Play It To The Bone Predator
Play Misty For Me Pay It Forward
Playing By Heart Before Sunset
Playing By Heart Life Of Pi
Pleasantville Stand By Me
Pleasantville The Matrix
Plunkett & Macleane E.T.
Plunkett & Macleane  
Poetry The Godfather 1
Point Blank Out Of Africa
Poltergay Monsters Inc
Pomegranate Bandwagon
Ponette Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory
Ponyo Iron Giant
Ponyo Iron Giant
Poor Cow Local Hero
Populaire Butch Cassidy And Sundance Kid
Predator Predator
Pretty In Pink Cassablanca
Priceless Star Wars
Priceless The Notebook
Primal Force Four Lions
Primer Breakfast At Tiffanys
Primer Field Of Dreams
Primer Inception
Primer Rear Window
Primer The Nightmare Before Christmas
Princess Mononoke Memento
Princess Mononoke Practical Magic
Prostitute Breakfast At Tiffany’s
Psycho Labyrinth
Punch Drunk Love Gladiator
Punch Drunk Love Moon (2009)
Punch Drunk Love There Will Be Blood
Quiet Earth Brazil
Ra-One Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge
Rabbit Proof Fence Atonement
Rabbit Proof Fence Kill Bill
Raining Stones Raining Stones
Raise The Red Lantern The Long Good Friday
Raising Arizona Some Like It Hot
Ran (dir. Kurosawa) Ran
Rare Exports Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Rare Exports The Goonies
Raven Its A Wonderful Life
Ravenous Fargo
Rear Window Rear Window
Rebecca- The 1940 Version Rebecca, Again!
Rebound (2005) Terminator 2
Rec Crash
Red Cliff Walle
Red Dawn (1984) Layer Cake
Red Dog Green Mile
Red Dog Pretty Woman
Red Doors Fifth Element
Red Hill The Thing
Red Hill The Thing
Red State Jay And Silent Bob Strikes Back
Reluctant Fundamental Inception
Rendezvous A Paris The Third Man
Rent Rent
Repo Man Aliens
Repo Man Repo Man
Repo! The Genetic Opera Heathers
Repo! The Genetic Opera Saw
Repo! The Genetic Opera Sweeney Todd
Repo! The Genetic Opera Sweeney Todd
Requiem For A Dream Blood Diamond
Requiem For A Dream Fight Club
Requiem For A Dream Forrest Gump
Requiem For A Dream Kill Bill Vol 2
Requiem For A Dream The Cook, The Thief, His Wife & Her Lover
Restless Natives Educating Rita
Resurrecting The Champ Escape From New York
Retroactive Blade Runner
Ridicule The Last Of The Mohicans
Right At Your Door E.T.
Rita, Sue And Bob Too Oliver Twist (Roman Polanski)
River’s Edge Lawerence Of Arabia
Roadracers Stand By Me
Robo Geisha Home Alone 2
Robot And Frank Firefox
Robot Stories Leon (1994)
Rodgers and Hammerstein’s ‘Cinderella’ The Sound Of Music
Roger Dodger Deep Water (Documentary)
Roman Holiday Pulp Fiction
Romantics Anonymous Pulp Fiction
Romanzo Criminale Stand By Me
Romauld Et Juliette The Godfather Parts 1 & 2
Romper Stomper Goodfellas
Romy And Michelle’s High School Reunion The Princess Diaries
Ronin Blade Runner
Rounders Sound Of Music
Rubber Drive
Rubber The Thing
Ruby In Paradise Dr Zhivago
Run Lola Run 10 Things I Hate About You
Run Lola Run A Matter Of Life And Death
Run Lola Run Casablanca
Run Lola Run Shawn Of The Dead
Rust And Bone The Matrix
Ruthless People See No Evil Hear No Evil
Safety Not Guaranteed Casablanca
Safety Not Guaranteed Fish Story
Safety Not Guaranteed It’s A Wonderful Life
Safety Not Guaranteed Pulp Fiction
Safety Not Guaranteed The Philadelphia Story
Salaam Bombay Betty Blue
Salmon Fishing In The Yemen Twilight Saga
Salsa! Once Upon A Time In America
Sanctum Back To The Future
Santa Sangre Kings Of The Road
Sarah’s Key Amelie
Saw Shank Redemption Exorcist
Scarecrow The Apartment,
Scarface From Dusk Till Dawn
Scent Of A Woman School Of Rock
School For Seduction Bad Boys
Scum Trainspotting
Scusa Ma Ti Chiamo Amore Labyrinth
Sea Change The Thief, The Cook, His Wife & Her Lover
Seabiscuit Ben Hur
Seachd: The Inaccessible Pinnacle Once Upon A Time In America
Searching For Sugar Man Gone With The Wind
Searching For Sugar Man Natural Born Killers
Secondhand Lions Shawshank Redemption
Seconds Citizen Kane
Seconds(1966) The Godfather
Secret (dir. Jay Chou) Once Upon A Time In America
Secret Window Dirty Dancing
Secrets In Their Eyes Talented Mr Ripley
Sedona One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest
See You At Valentine Day Notebook
Séraphine Brief Encounter
Serendipity Serendipity
Serendipity The Shining
Serendipity Top Gun
Serenity Alien
Serenity Moulin Rouge
Serenity The Empire Strikes Back
Session 9 Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo
Session 9 Scent Of A Woman
Session 9 Scent Of A Woman
Set It Off Steel Magnolias
Set It Off The Godfather
Seven Brides For Seven Brothers Contact
Seven Pounds Joe Black
Seven Samurai The Godfather
Severance Alien
Shadowlands Singin’ In The Rain
Shallow Grave The Shawshank Redemption
Shaolin Soccer Man Of Steel
Shattered Glass Shawshank Redemption
Shawshank Redemption Shaw Shank Redemption
Shawshank Redemption Shawshank Redemption
Shawshank Redemption Shawshank Redemption
She’s Having A Baby Green Mile
Shell The Commitments
Shirley Valentine Shirley Valentine
Sholay Shawshank Redemption
Shopgirl The Notebook
Short Cuts Pulp Fiction
Shortbus Everything About My Mother
Shotgun Preacher Forrest Gump
Shotgun Stories Lars & The Real Girl
Shotgun Stories Withnail And I
Sideways North By Northwest
Sideways Sleepers
Sightseers Muriel’s Wedding
Sightseers One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest
Sightseers Rollerball
Sightseers The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (2009)
Sightseers Thelma And Louise
Signs Find Nemo
Silent Movie Blazing Saddles
Sin Nombre The Godfather
Sing Despicable Me
Single White Female Austin Powers
Singles Empire Strikes Back
Singles Goodfellas
Singles Pulp Fiction
Sitting Pretty (1948) Some Like It Hot
Sixteen Ahome Alone
Sixth Sense Shaw Shank Redemption
Skeletons It’s A Wonderful Life
Skeletons The Unbearable Lightness Of Being
Skeletons Touch Of Evil
Skin The Colour Purple
Skip Tracer Apocalypse Now
Skip Tracer In Bruges
Skip Tracer (Canada) Casablanca
Sleep Furiously Jean De Florette
Sleepaway Camp Jurassic Park
Sleeping Beauty 2011 Nightmare Before Christmas
Sleepless In Seattle Sleepless In Seattle
Sliding Doors Pocahontas
Slingblade Leon
Slingblade The Girl Can’t Help It
Slow Burn Matrix
Smilla’s Sense Of Snow Inception
Smoke Godfather
Smoke The Shawshank Redemption
Snatch Shawshank Redemption
Snitch West Side Story
Snow Cake Cinema Paradiso
Snowbeast Aliens
Solaris Notting Hill
Solaris (Tarkovsky, 1972) Gone With The Wind
Sole Survivor The Godfather
Solvent Green When The Wind Blows
Some Kind Of Wonderful American Beauty
Some Voices Breakfast At Tiffany’s
Something Wild Bride & Prejudice
Somewhere In Time Blues Brothers
Somewhere In Time Ghost
Sonatine The Big Lebowski
Song Of The South  
Soul Searcher Alien
Sound Of My Voice Martha Marcy May Marthene
Sound Of My Voice Mean Girls
Soy Cuba (I Am Cuba) 1964 Les Enfants Du Paradis
Soy Cuba (I Am Cuba) 1964 To Kill A Mockingbird
Soylent Green Back To The Future
Soylent Green Blade Runner
Space Camp The Help
Special Things To Do In Denver When You’re Dead
Special – Specioprin Hydrochloride Edward Scissorhands
Special (RX) Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas
Speed Pretty Women
Spirit Of 45 The Godfather
Spirited Away Changeling
Spirited Away Die Hard
Spirited Away Return Of The King
Spoorloos (Belgian) Pulp Fiction
Spoorloos (The Vanishing) (1988) Alien
Spoorlos (aka. The Vanishing) The Shawshank Redemption
Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter… And Spring (2003) In The Mood For Love (2000)
Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter… And Spring One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest
Stage Beauty Life Of Pi
Staircase The Green Mile.
Stalker (1979) Saturday Night Fever
Stand By Me Superbad
Stardust Love Actually
Stark Raving Mad The Lion King
Starlet The Godfather
Starstruck (not The Disney Film) The Day The Earth Stood Still (Original)
State Of Grace Jaws
Static (1985) Some Like It Hot
Stay Tuned The Big Lebowski
Stealing Beauty Before Sunrise
Stealing Beauty Practical Magic
Stella Elf
Stepping Out Shawshank Redemption
Stigmata Lethal Weapon
Still Crazy An Inspector Calls
Still Crazy Casablanca
Still Crazy (1998) An Inspector Calls (1954)
Stir Of Echoes Jaws
Stir Of Echoes Pride And Prejudice
Straight Talking (Dolly Parton) Ghost
Straight Talking (Dolly Parton) Ghost
Strange Days Diva
Strange Days Moulin Rouge
Strange Days Starship Troopers
Strange Days The Blues Brothers
Stranger Than Fiction Dirty Dancing
Stranger Than Fiction Fried Green Tomatoes
Stranger Than Paradise If, Lindsay Anderson
Street Trash Annie Hall
Street Trash Street Trash
Streets Of Fire Shawshank Redemption
Streets Of Fire The Thing
Streets Of Fire Trading Places
Strella Dogville
Struck By Lightning Devil Wears Prada
Struck By Lightning The Green Mile
Subway (1985) Léon: The Professional
Subway (Lus Besson) Goodfellas
Suck The Crow
Sucker Punch The Matrix
Summer School Casablanca
Summer, Spring, Autumn, Winter Underground
Sunshine Dumb And Dumber
Sunshine Cleaning Money Pit
Sunshine Cleaning Shawshank Redemption
Sunshine Cleaning Shawshank Redemption
Super Troopers The Boondock Saints
Support Your Local Sherif Skyfall
Sweet Charity Les Miserables
Sweet November Serendipity
Sweet William It’s A Wonderful Life
Swept Away (2002) Dancer In The Dark
Swimming Pool Grease
Swing The Apartment
Swingers Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
Swingers Four Weddings And A Funeral
Swingers Groundhog Day
Sybil The Naked Civil Servant
Synecdoche New York Eternal Sunshine
Synecdoche New York Eternal Sunshine
Synecdoche, New York Hirokazu Koreeda’s After Life
Synocdoche, New York The Master
Syriana The Shawshank Redemption
Taare Zammen Par Avatar
Tadpole Volver
Taegukgi: The Brotherhood Of War Star Wars
Tai Chi Zero Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas
Take It Or Leave It Top Gun
Take Shelter Jaws
Taken Action
Taken Shawshank Redemption
Taken Star Wars – A New Hope
Tampopo Kelly’ Heroes
Tampopo Star Wars
Tampopo Tampopo
Tank Girl Con Air
Tape Moulin Rouge
Tapeheads Citizen Kane
Taras Bulba Some Like It Hot
Taxi (French Version, Luc Besson Director) A Matter Of Life & Death
Tea With Mussolini Shawshank Redemption
Team America Titanic
Tell No One The Green Mile
Tell No One The Matrix
Tell No One (French) Grease!
Temptation Scarface
Ten Inch Hero The Lost Boys
Terms Of Endearment Goodfellows
Terra Em Transe Chinatown
Terror At The Opera The Talented Mr Ripley
Tesis Vertigo
Texas Killing Fields The Godfather
Thank You For Smoking Fight Club
That Sinking Feeling Chocolat
That Sinking Feeling Gregory’s Girl
That Sinking Feeling. The Godfather
That Thing Called Love A Walk To Remember
The 13th Warrior Citizen Kane
The Adventures Of Baron Munchausen Flash Gordon
The Adventures Of Buckaroon Banzai Across The 8th Dimension Star Wars
The Adventures Of Ford Fairlaine Superman II
The Age Of Stupid The Dark Knight
The American Haunting. 28 Days Later
The Angels’ Share The Shawshank Redemption
The Apartment The Apartment
The Artist  
The Artist Untouchable
The Assassination Of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford Pulp Fiction
The Assassination Of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford Raging Bull
The Baby’s Room Jour De Fete
The Ballad Of Narayama (Dir Shohei Imamura 1983) Saving Private Ryan
The Band’s Visit Casablanca
The Bank Job Gone With The Wind
The Bat Ice Station Zebra
The Battery The Thing
The Beat That My Heart Skipped Some Like It Hot
The Beguiled The Shining
The Best Man (1999) It Happened One Night
The Best Of Youth (Italian With English Subtitles) Trainspotting
The Best Offer The Italian Job
The Bicycle Thieves  
The Big Blue Metropolis
The Big Blue Shawshank Redemption
The Big Finish The Opposite Of Sex
The Big Year The American President
The Birdcage Mrs Doubtfire
The Bishop’s Wife It’s A Wonderful Life
The Bishop’s Wife It’s A Wonderful Life
The Blue Lagoon The Notebook
The Boondock Saints Harvey
The Boondock Saints The Boondock Saints
The Boondock Saints The Boondock Saints
The Boy In Stryped Pyjamas Schindler’s List
The Boy Who Could Fly Back To The Future
The Boy Who Could Fly Fried Green Tomatoes At The Whistle Stop Cafe
The Boy Who Could Fly Wimbledon
The Boy With The Red Balloon Great Expectations
The Brave Donnie Brasco
The Brave Fight Club
The Brave Little Toaster Jurrassic Park
The Breakfast Club Greece
The Breakfast Club The Breakfast Club
The Bridge (2006) West Side Story
The Brotherhood Of The Wolves Barry Lyndon
The Brothers Bloom Never Let Me Go
The Brown Bunny Raging Bull
The Burbs Dirty Dancing
The Burmese Harp The Burmese Harp
The Butcher Boy To Kill A Mockingbird
The Butterfly Effect Jaws
The Butterfly Effect Nobody Will Believe In You Unless You Believe In Yourself.
The Butterfly Effect Pulp Fiction
The Cable Guy Marvel Avengers Assemble
The Call  
The Castle Some Like It Hot
The Cement Garden The Piano
The Champ Goodfellas
The Champ Goodfellas
The Champ Goodfellas
The Champ Goodfellas
The Changeling (1972) The Rocky Horror Picture Show
The Chaser American Beauty
The Chorus Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo And Juliet
The Chorus Les Miserables
The Chorus (Les Choristes) Les Choristes
The City Of Lost Children Initial D
The City Of Lost Children The Thing
The Claim Vertigo
The Class (french) The Breakfast Club
The Club – An Aussie Rules Footie Movie From 1980 The Man Who Would Be King (1975)
The Collector And Teeth The Collector
The Colour Of Paradise Memoirs Of A Geisha
The Colour Purple 50 First Dates
The Colour Purple Superman
The Commuter The Godfather
The Company Of Wolves The Graduate
The Concert Harold And Maude
The Corruptor Identity
The Cottage Life Of Brian
The Croupier Merlin (Sam Neil)
The Crow Coraline
The Crow The Lost Boys
The Crow The Usual Suspects
The Culpepper Cattle Company Fanny And Alexander
The Cup (1999) Aliens
The Cup (1999) Forrest Gump
The Dancer Upstairs Pulp Fiction
The Dark Crystal Back To The Future
The Dark Crystal Pulp Fiction
The Dark Hour The Prestige
The Darkroom Pulp Fiction
The Day (2011) Death Proof
The Day The Earth Caught Fire Shakespeare In Love
The Dead (Howard J Ford) The Man Who Would Be King
The Deep Seven
The Descent Alien
The Desent Transformers
The Devils Rejects Freaks
The Dictator (2012) Olympus Has Fallen (2013)
The Diner De Cons Cinema Paradiso
The Diving Bell And The Butterfly Drive
The Diving Bell And The Butterfly The Diving Bell And The Butterfly
The Edge Of Love Mr And Mrs Smith
The Election Kingpin
The Emerald Forest The Goonies
The Emperor Of The North Point Break
The End Of The Affair A Few Good Men
The Enemy (Dejan Zecevic 2011) The Battle Of Algiers
The English Patient The Lake House
The Enigma Of Kasper Hauser The Big Lebowski
The Entity The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (Swedish)
The Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind Snatch
The Exorcism Of Emily Rose Law Abiding Citizen
The Fall 300
The Fall Aliens
The Fall Amelie
The Fall Amelie
The Fall Amelie
The Fall Apocalypse Now
The Fall Castaway
The Fall Lord Of The Rings
The Fall Pulp Fiction
The Fall Synecdoche, New York
The Fall The Fall
The Fall (2006, Dir. Tarsem Singh) The Matrix
The Fall (2006) A Matter Of Life And Death
The Fall By Tarsem Singh Amelie
The Fall, Directed By Tarsem Singh  
The Firemen’s Ball Slaughterhouse 5
The First Day Of The Rest Of Your Life Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter And Spring
The First Grader Green Mile
The First Grader The Green Mile
The Fisher King The Life Of Brian
The Flamingo Kid The Shawshank Redemption
The Flight Of The Butterflies Imax Twelve Monkeys
The Flying Serpent (1946) Ryans Express
The Fog Of War Citizen Kane
The Fountain Avatar
The Fountain The Breakfast Club
The Fountain The Good, The Bad And The Ugly
The Fountain Toy Story
The Game Friday 13th
The Game Shawshank Redemption
The Game The Usual Suspects, By Bryan Singer, 1995
The Games The Shawshank Redemption
The Ghost And Mrs Muir Fried Green Tomatoes At The Whistle Stop Cafe
The Ghost And Mrs Muir The Ghost And Mrs Muir
The Ghost Writer The Empire Strikes Back
The Ginger Snap Films Underworld
The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Slumdog Millionnaire
The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Series Finding Nemo
The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Series Finding Nemo
The Go Kids Big Fish
The Godfather Predator
The Gods Must Be Crazy Chicago
The Gods Must Be Crazy Gregory’s Girl
The Gods Must Be Crazy My Fair Lady
The Gods Must Be Crazy Titanic
The Good Thief Pulp Fiction
The Good, The Bad, The Weird Old Boy
The Good, The Bad, The Weird Old Boy
The Good, The Bad, The Weird Old Boy
The Goonies The Goonies
The Governess Heaven Knows Mr. Allison
The Great Escape Godfather
The Great Gatsby Shawshank Redemtion
The Great Gatsby (1974) The Great Gatsby (1974)
The Great Santini Fight Club
The Groove Tube Blade Runner
The Guard Pulp Fiction
The Guard Pulp Fiction
The Guard Star Trek 11
The Guard The Shawshank Redemption
The Happiness Of The Katakuris The Princess Bride
The Happy Lands Schindlers List
The Harder They Come The Color Purple
The Hidden Fortress The Empire Strikes Back
The Hide Phone Booth
The Hole The Green Mile
The Holiday Argo
The Holiday Mama Mia
The Host (a Korean Horror Film) Field Of Dreams
The Hour-Glass Sanatorium Duck Soup
The Hudsucker Proxy Raiders Of The Lost Ark
The Human Centipede Pretty Woman
The Humanoid Star Wars
The Hunger Blade Runner
The Hunt 2001: A Space Odyssey
The Hunt Dr Zhivago
The Hunt Losey’s Don Giovanni
The Hunted Sholay
The Hurricane When Harry Met Sally
The Ice Storm Some Like It Hot
The Ides Of March Young At Heart
The Idiots The Hangover
The Illusionist Wizard Of Oz
The Illusionist Zulu
The Impossible Matrix
The Imposter Forrest Gump
The Imposter Forrest Gump
The Imposter Superbad
The Imposter The Dark Knight
The Imposter The Dark Knight
The Imposter The Prestige
The Infidel Back To The Future
The Internship Deep
The Internship Lord Of Rings
The Internship The Sound Of Music
The Intouchables Cat On A Hot Tin Roof
The Intouchables Duck Soup
The Intouchables Far From The Madding Crowd
The Intouchables Gladiator
The Intouchables Little Miss Sunshine
The Intouchables Lord Of The Rings Return Of The King
The Intouchables The Royal Tenenbaums
The Intouchables The Ususal Suspects
The Intouchables Young Guns 2
The Iron Giant Goonies
The Island Pretty Woman
The Island Saving Private Ryan
The Keep Seven
The Keep The Magic Christian
The Keep The Return Of The King
The Killing Fields Salvador (James Woods)
The Killing Of A Chinese Bookie Five Easy Pieces
The King Of Kong: A Fistful Of Quarters Old Boy
The Kite Runner Captain Correlli’s Mandolin
The Kite Runner Godfather Part 1
The Kite Runner Its A Wonderful Life
The Kite Runner Scarface
The Labyrinth The Labyrinth
The Ladykillers North By North West
The Last Castle Dirty Dancing
The Last Emperor Gone With The Wind
The Last Grenade The Magnificent Seven
The Last Of The Blonde Bombshells Saving Private Ryan
The Last Picture Show Pulp Fiction
The Last Picture Show The Godfather
The Last Projectionist Labyrinth
The Last Seduction The Usual Suspects
The Last Supper (1995) Die Hard (1988)
The Last Supper (1995) Star Wars
The Last Supper (1995) The Devil’s Advocate
The Legendary 1900 Lord Of The Rings – The Return Of The King
The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou Anna Karenina
The Little Girl That Lived Down The Lane Broke Back Mountain
The Little Mermaid Goonies
The Lives Of Others Cinema Paradiso
The Lives Of Others The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (original)
The Lives Of Others The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (original)
The Lives Of Others The Reader
The Lonely Guy The Man With Two Brains!
The Lord Of The Rings The Lord Of The Rings
The Lot Highway Forrest Gump
The Loved One Amalie
The Loved One Amelie
The Loved Ones Almost Famous
The Loved Ones Avatar
The Lovely Bones Mrs Doubtfire
The Low Down Dogville
The Low Life (1995) Leon
The Luzhin Defence Merry Christmas, Mr Lawrence
The Magnificent Ambersons Some Like It Hot
The Man From Earth Old Boy
The Man From Earth Gladiator
The Man From Earth The Dark Knight
The Man From Nowhere Leon
The Man From Snowy River Gone With The Wind
The Man Inside Westside Story
The Man Next Door (2012) Marnie
The Man Who Came To Dinner Cinema Paradiso
The Matador Michael Clayton
The McKenzie Break The Great Escape
The Mexican Suitcase Come Back To The Five And Dime Jimmy Dean Jimmy Dean
The Mighty Pretty Woman
The Mirror Has Two Faces Shawshank Redemption
The Money Pit Wizard Of Oz
The Moth Diaries Gladiator
The Motorcycle Diaries Notting Hill
The Mouse That Roared Dr Strangelove
The Next Three Days Lord Of The Rings Fellowship Of The Ring
The Night Of The Hunter Lord Of The Rings
The Ninth Configuration Empire Strikes Back
The Notebook The Notebook
The Object Of My Affection Pretty Woman
The Omega Man Moulin Rouge
The Orphanage Die Hard
The Orphanage Shuttle Island
The Orphanage Top Gun
The Other Sister Mannequin
The Other Son Gladiator
The Others The Plank
The Outsiders Grease
The Outsiders The Breakfast Club
The Outsiders The Outsiders
The Outsiders The Outsiders
The Page Turner Jean De Florette
The Parallax View One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest
The Party Lord Of The Rings
The People Under The Stairs Jurassic Park
The Perfect Host Dawn Of The Dead
The Phantom Of The Paradise Beavis And Butthead Do America
The Pianist The Crying Game
The Piano Les Miserables
The Plague Dogs Jaws
The Pom Pom Girls Everafter
The Pope’s Toilet No
The Power Of One Fifth Element
The Power Of One Les Untouchables
The Power Of One The Power Of One
The Prestige Moulin Rouge
The Prestige Schindlers List
The Princess Bride Airplane
The Princess Bride Casablanca
The Prize Winner Of Defiance Ohio Greace
The Professional Gun You’ve Got Mail
The Prophet (2011) Unforgiven
The Punk Syndrome Once Upon A Time In The West
The Rabbit Proof Fence Shawshank Redemption
The Raid Clerks
The Raid Godfather Part 2
The Raid Goodfellas
The Raid Terminator
The Raven Shawshank Redemption
The Reckoning The Reckoning (Nicol Williamson)
The Red Balloon Its A Wonderful Life
The Red Shoe Air Force One
The Red Violin (1998) Blade Runner
The Reef The Godfather Part Two
The Reflecting Skin Blue Velvet
The Remains Of The Day Pretty Woman
The Return The Straight Story
The Right Stuff Blade Runner
The Rise And Rise Of Michael Rimmer The Italian Job
The Road V For Vendetta
The Road Home (1999) It’s A Wonderful Life
The Rocking Horse Winner The World According To Garp
The Room (Tommy Wiseau) Amelie
The Royal Courtisan The Green Mile
The Royal Tenenbaums When Harry Met Sally
The Ruling Class White Christmas
The Scarlet And The Black The Scarlet And The Black
The Sea Inside Dances With Wolves
The Sea Inside Forrest Gump
The Sea Inside Point Break
The Secret In Their Eyes Godfather Ii
The Secret In Their Eyes Grease
The Secret In Their Eyes Jungle Book
The Secret In Their Eyes Memento
The Secret In Their Eyes Shaun Of The Dead
The Secret In Their Eyes The Four Feathers
The Secret Life Of Bees Pretty Woman
The Secret Of Roan Inish Brother Sun Sister Moon
The Sessions 1 Flew Over The Cookoos Nest
The Shadow To Catcha Thief
The Shawshank Redemption Drama
The Shop Around The Corner Casablanca
The Shop Around The Corner The Shop Around The Corner
The Sisterhood Of The Travelling Pants Dirty Dancing
The Skeleton Key Dirty Dancing
The Skeleton Key Sixth Sense
The Skin I Live In Aliens
The Skin I Live In Pulp Fiction
The Slipper And The Rose Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind
The Spanish Prisoner The Shawshank Redemption
The Spirit Avengers Assemble
The Station Agent Casablanca
The Station Agent Debbie Does Dallas
The Station Agent Fight Club
The Station Agent Star Wars Episode 4
The Station Agent The Lord Of The Rings
The Station Agent While You Were Sleeping
The Stone Years Red Shoes
The Story Of The Weeping Camel After Hours
The Straight Story (1999) Jacob’s Ladder
The Tailor Of Panama Brazil
The Talented Mr Ripley Now Voyeger Bette Davis
The Tall Man National Lampoons Animal House
The Terminal Dr. Zhivago
The Thief (1952) Blade Runner (1982)
The Third Man The Third Man
The Thirteenth Floor The Matrix
The Thornbirds Pretty Woman
The Three Colours Trilogy – French Dr Zhivago
The Tiger And The Snow Shakespeare In Love
The Tortured Finding Nemo
The Tree All About My Mother
The Triplets Of Belleville The Thing
The Truman Show The Crow
The Truth About Cats And Dogs The Breakfast Club
The Unbearable Lightness Of Being Midnight Cowboy
The Unreachables The Color Purple
The Untouchables Crash
The Untouchables One Day
The Vampyre Hunters Blade 1
The War Lord Now You See Me
The Warriors The Princess Bride
The Water Melon Man The Life Of Brian
The Wave Stand By Me
The Way The Day The Earth Stood Still (Michael Rennie)
The Way The Way
The Way Back Independence Day
The We And The I Before Sunrise
The Weeping Camel Doctor Zhivago
The White Ribbon The Sound Of Music
The White Ribbon The Sound Of Music
The Wiz The Wizard Of Oz
The Woman In Red Trading Places
The Wonder Boys Gone With The Wind
The Woodsman Pather Panchali
The World According To Garp The Usual Suspects.
The World According To Garp The Way We Were
The Yearling The Colour Purple
Theatre Of Blood The Odd Couple
Then She Found Me Dying Young
Things To Do In Denver When You’re Dead Crash (2004)
Things To Do In Denver When You’re Dead Goodfellas
Things To Do In Denver When You’re Dead The Lost Boys
Thirteen Conversations About One Thing Memento (2000)
This Boy’s Life Romeo And Juliet
This Is The End Despicable Me
This Is The End Titanic
This Is The End Titanic
This Means War Star Trek
Thor Fast And Furious 6
Thoroughly Modern Millie The Sound Of Music
Three Colours Blue La Confidential
Three Colours White Fight Club
Three Seasons Gone With The Wind
Threesome The Opposite Of Sex
Thunderbolt & Lightfoot Amores Perros
Thursday Raiders Of The Lost Ark
Tideland Corpse Bride
Time Of The Gypsies Pulp Fiction
Time Of The Gypsies Shadowlands
Times And Winds On The Waterfront
Tintin Brave Heart
Tiny Furniture Scott Pilgrim Vs The World
Titan A.E. Star Trek Vi
To Elvis With Love The Adventures Of Priscilla – Queen Of The Desert
To End All Wars The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring
To Live Dirty Dancing
Todas Las Azafatas Van Al Cielo A Paper Wedding
Together – Lukas Moodysson Trust
Tokyo Drifter Doctor Strangelove
Tomorrow I’ll Wake Up And Scald Myself With Tea Chinatown
Too Young To Die Pretty Woman
Top Secret! Back To The Future
Torch Song Trilogy Brazil
Torch Song Trilogy The Grifters
Torso (1973) Magnolia
Tower Block Aliens
Tower Block Back To The Future
Tower Block Terms Of Endearment
Track 24 To Kill A Mockingbird
Training Day Terminator
Trap For Cindrella Titanic
Tremors The Fugitive
Tresspass (1992) Dawn Of The Dead (original)
Triangle Apocalypse Now
Triangle Apocalypse Now
Troll Hunter The Next One!
True Romance Mamma Mia
True Romance Shawshank Redemption
True Romance True Romance
True Stories Melancholia
Truly Madly Deeply Godfather
Truly Madly Deeply Robin Hood Prince Of Thieves
Trust (Hal Hartley) The Good The Bad And The Ugly
Tsotsi Goodbye Bafana
Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil Beverly Hills Cop
Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil Shaun Of The Dead
Tunnel Rats Chicago
Turn Me On, Damn It La Confidential
Turtles Are Surprisingly Fast Swimmers Amelie
Twelve Angry Men Roman Holiday
Twin Towns A Man For All Seasons
Two Lovers (2009) Chinatown
Two Men Went To War Leon
Tyrannosaur Life Is Beautifull
Tyrannosaur Shawsank Redemption
U Turn Crazy Stupid Love
Ucieczka Z Kina Wolnosc Co Mi Zrobisz Jak Mnie Zlapiesz
Una Noche City Of God
Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives 2001: A Space Odyssey
Under A Cherry Moon Meet Joe Black
Under The Influence (1986) Do Começo Ao Fim (2009)
Undercover Blues Lotr: The Two Towers
Unlawful Entry The Good, The Bad And The Ugly
Unlawful Entry The Good, The Bad And The Ugly
Unman, Wittering & Zigo Bedazzled (1967)
Unthinkable Godfather
Untouchable Amelie
Untouchable Legends Of The Fall
Untouchable Magnolia
Untouchable Magnolia
Untouchable Shawshank Redemption
Untouchable The Green Mile
Untouchable The Matrix
Untouchable The Other Guys
Untouchable Twilight Films
Untouchable (French Film) Sleepers
Untouchable (intouchables – Original Title) Requiem For A Dream
Untouchables Bodyguard
Untouchables French Subtitled Live And Let Die
Vampires In Havana Inception
Ván Bài Lật Ngửa Shawshank Redemption
Vantage Point Kahaani
Verity’s Summer Midnight Express
Vertigo The Silence Of The Lambs
Very Annie Mary The Shipping News
Very Bad Things A Time To Kill
Very Bad Things Pulp Fiction
Vision Quest Predator
Visitor Q The Godfather
Viva La Muerte One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest
Volunteers Star Wars
Volver Christina Vichy Barcelona
Volver Shawshank Redemption
Vroom Spartacus
Waiting Pulp Fiction
Waiting For Guffman City Of God
Waitress Citizen Kane
Waking Ned Life Of Brian
Waking Ned Life Of Brian
Walk Hard – The Dewey Cox Story Some Like It Hot
Walking Life Pulp Fiction
Wanted Dirty Dancing
War Matters To Kill A Mocking Bird
War Of The Buttons Pulp Fiction
Warrior 7 Pounds
Warrior Matrix
Warriors Of Virtue Gladiator
Watcher In The Woods Stranger Than Fiction
Water (Deepa Mehta) Gone With The Wind
Water For Elephants Vanilla Sky
Ways To Live Forever Singin’ In The Rain
Wee Man Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
Weekend Secrets And Lies
Welcome Home, Johnny Bristol All Quiet On The Western Front (original)
Welcome To Dongmakgol Star Trek II
Welcome To Woop Woop Parenthood
Went The Day Well Forrest Gump
Wet Hot American Summer  
Whalerider Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
What Dreams May Come Moulin Rouge
What Happens In Vegas Laura
What Is This Film Called Love? The Apartment
What Richard Did Heathers
What Richard Did In Bruges
What Richard Did The Lives Of Others
What’s Eating Gilbert Grape? Dr Zhivago
What’s Eating Gilbert Grape? E.T.
What’s Eating Gilbert Grape? E.T.
What’s Eating Gilbert Grape? The Lives Of Others
What’s Your Number? The Holiday
When Night Is Falling Jaws
When The Bough Breaks Natural Born Killers
When The Wales Came Julie And Julia
When Wolf Falls In Love With Sheep Star Wars
While You Were Sleeping Pirates Of The Caribbean
Whistle Down The Wind The Champ
White Chicks Forrest Gump
White Comanche Star Trek 2009
White Dog Dawn Of The Dead (original)
White Oleander What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?
Wicker Park The Empire Strikes Back
Wild Bill Amelie
Wild Bill Trainspotting
Win Win Moulin Rouge
Wings Of Fame Citizen Kane
Wish You Were Here Kaboom
Wit Singin In The Rain
Withnail And I Shawshank Redemption
Withnail And I Withnail And I
Witness Lord Of The Rings Return Of The King
Wolf Creek Rocky Horror Picture Show
Woman In A Lizard Skin Lost In Translation
Women Life Of Brian
Wondrous Oblivion Die Hard
Woochi Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
World War Z Arrmagedon
World War Z One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest
World’s Greatest Dad Jaws
Wristcutters: A Love Story Brick
Wristcutters: A Love Story Drive
Wristcutters: A Love Story Lost In Translation
Wristcutters: A Love Story Resident Evil
Wristcutters: A Love Story The Shawshank Redemption
Wristcutters: A Love Story The Shining
Y Tu Mama Tambien The Godfather Part 1
Yanks East Of Eden (James Dean)
Yellowbeard True Romance
You Are The Apply Of My Eye X Man
You Don’t Know Jack The Godfather
You, The Living Mulholland Dr.
You’re Dead Lock Stock
You’ve Been Trumped It’s A Wonderful Life
Zardoz Back To The Future
Zathura Alien
Zero Effect 2001 – A Space Odyssey.
Zero For Conduct Angel Heart
Zodiac Midnight Cowboy
Zorba The Greek Carlitos Way
Zorba The Greek Dead Poets’ Society

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