Film Trainees Wanted

Diversifying the film industry workforce: UK-wide call for passionate business trainees.


The Independent Cinema Office (ICO) and partners are excited to announce a new UK-wide call for trainees to take up paid training opportunities in the film industry. The 9-month office-based placements have been designed as part of the drive to increase diversity in the film industry workforce and aims to recruit a majority of candidates from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnicity (BAME) backgrounds as these groups are currently underrepresented in the industry.

Funded by Creative Skillset, the Independent Cinema Office is partnering with the Film Distributors’ Association (FDA) and Film Export UK to run this first ever cross-sector traineeship scheme, FEDS, for film distribution, independent exhibition, and international sales companies. The three sectors form the commercial engine which drive the UK film industry and contribute significantly to the national economy.

Have you ever thought about how films engage with audiences? Have you ever wondered who chooses which film shows in your local cinema on a Friday night, or in fact how any film makes it to the big screen? Now ambitious trainees seeking to find the answers to these questions have a unique opportunity to take up placements in the businesses making this happen.

The objective of this UK-wide scheme (with the independent exhibition placements taking place outside of London) is to provide the best possible platform for the participants to gain valuable work experience to improve their future employability.

The deadline for applications is 8.00 am on December 1st. Full details of how to apply are available here:

UK Actor Riz Ahmed said:  ‘it’s brilliant to see a scheme like this taking positive steps to open doors for people from all backgrounds to get into the film industry’.

Catharine Des Forges, Director of the ICO said: “A scheme like this is really overdue and the ICO is delighted to be leading the charge along with our delivery partners FDA, Film Export UK and funding support from Creative Skillset. This scheme presents a golden opportunity for talented new entrants to put their best foot forward in a film business where doors are not always easy to open. With a focus on recruiting BAME, female and disabled candidates we are striving to create equal opportunities for those currently underrepresented in the UK film industry with the ambition that, one day, the diversity of the workforce will better reflect the UK population.”