Fire in the Night

Fire in the Night

25 Years after the world’s worst offshore oil disaster, FIRE IN THE NIGHT chronicles the tragic events that occurred on the Piper Alpha rig on the 6th of July 1988.

It was a cataclysm that killed 167 men and left only 61 survivors, each of whom had to fight for their lives to escape the huge, labyrinthine structure and the flames that were consuming it.

Chronicling events from the first explosion to the last rescue we hear from those who survived, many of whom have never spoken publicly about the events before. Using dramatic reconstructions we show the horror of this disaster and how the survivors escaped the burning rig. Newly released recordings also reveal how the coastguards and emergency services react to the disaster.

Over 90 minutes we hear startling and emotional testimonies from the men who found themselves in the midst of an inferno that destroyed a rig which was, at one time, the world’s single largest oil producer.

Certificate: N/A     Distributor: Soda Pictures

Dir. Anthony Wonke, UK, 2013, 93 mins, documentary

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