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The sun is out, Easter’s just around the corner;  Spring has finally sprung and that means – Spring cleaning! If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably got lots of DVDs, games and all manner of stuff that no longer sees the light of day but you just haven’t gotten around to doing anything about it.  Well, here’s a nifty new site that we think you might like…

Flooting is a new online service where you can swap things you don’t use, for things that you will, for free!

Showfilmfirst have teamed up with Flooting to give you some fantastic rewards for swapping stuff. To make things interesting, the guys at Flooting will be listing some great new items every week for the next month, including some new Smartwatches. The Apple Watch worth £479 or the LG R Watch G worth £299 could be yours.

When you offer your unwanted stuff on Flooting, you earn points, and you can use your points to get rewards or other things you want in return. To get one of these amazing treats, simply offer your unwanted DVDs, electronics, clothes, toys – whatever – on Flooting and turn them into points.

Find out about the great offers and the Smartwatches here.


For the Android people, there’s a stunning LG G Watch R worth £299.  It looks like a traditional wristwatch, but the clock face is really a circular OLED screen that gives access to the smart features below the surface.

LG Android Watch

lg watch-logo



For the “i” people out there, you could be the proud owner of a new Apple watch worth £479.  You’ll need to work a bit harder for this baby but it comes  with a sapphire screen and loads of biometric features.

Apple Watch




How do I get these treats? The treats will be offered on Flooting as normal items and you can earn the points you need to get them simply by clearing your house of unwanted stuff and inviting your friends to join Flooting. Have a look around your house for stuff you don’t use, take a picture of the item, upload it to Flooting and you’ve earned some points. If someone takes the item, you get more points. It’s that simple.

How are points awarded?

By continuing to contribute to the Flooting community by listing and swapping as much stuff as you can.


  • You all received 500 points when you join!
  • You earn 25 points for each item you list (up to 1000 points per month)
  • You get all the points that someone spends for your item.  E.g. If you offer an item for 100 points, and someone takes it, you get 25 points from us for making the offer, and 100 points from the person who took your item, making a total of 125 points. 
  • You get 50 points for each person you ask to join Flooting.
  • You get 500 points when a person you invited to Flooting gives their first item away.
  • You get 100 points for collecting within one day of taking an item (don’t forget to click the link saying you collected the item in the email we send you).

This offer is limited and the items will be awarded on a first past the post basis.

If you have any questions, do ask: team@flooting.com

Good luck!




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