We Are the Freaks

we are freaks

A surreal and anarchic anti-teen movie about three misfits on a disastrous night out.

Set against the social and political turmoil of 1990′s Thatcher’s England, over the course of one evening they come to terms with being outsiders and learn to love failure and embrace being a freak. Jack (Jamie Blackley — Snow White and the Huntsman) wants to escape his boring bank job and aspires to be a writer but is waiting to hear news about the grant he needs in order to take up his place at University. Parsons (Mike Bailey – Skins) is a wimp with a dangerously unhealthy sexual fixation on Margaret Thatcher. He finds life guidance from the deranged but principled hardman Killer Colin (Michael Smiley — Kill List). Unlike Jack, posh kid Chunks (Sean Teale — Mr.Selfridge) has never had to worry about money and as a result holds everyone and everything in high disregard. Despite his cynicism, he may just learn something from the sociopathic Splodger (Adam Gillen — Benidorm) as fate forces them together.

Certificate: 15     Distributor: Metrodome

Dir. Justin Edgar, UK, 2013, 80 min

Cast:  Jamie Blackley, Sean Teale, Mike Bailey

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