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Showfilmfirst love it when we hear from our members about their achievements in film and this one, Andy Wilton, has not only made a film for £1,000 but also wants to show it to all Showfilmfirst members – online in April – for free!


Young Actors Audition and Sign On to Horror Film “TOTAL HELL” but Unwittingly Star in a Feature Length Mockumentary about Indy Filmmaking.

“Behind the Scenes of TOTAL HELL” is a low budget, independent film, lightly poking fun at low budget independent filmmaking. The comedy follows Director Jamie Gunn (Grey McCulloch) and Producer Raul Kemp (Sam Smart) as they make their awful horror film “TOTAL HELL”. A real casting session took place and the actors who won parts in the fake film, then filmed scenes believing that they were genuinely making a horror film. In the end “Behind the Scenes of TOTAL HELL” Writer/Director Andy Wilton told the actors the reality – but didn’t tell his other actors that they now knew the truth. “The idea was never to dupe people” said Andy Wilton. “I just wanted to create an atmosphere of friction and chaos and then film it for our comedy”.

The UK film was shot back in 2006 and has taken until now to be released. It’s a comedy about film production, and the disasters and incidents within a particularly poorly ran one. In the film, Actors storm off, a camera goes missing and the Director totally loses the plot. Life imitated art to a degree, with several incidents meaning that a film shot in 2006 is only now set to be available to the public. A tiny £1000GBP budget, massive computer data losses and trouble with distribution were just some of the challenges the film met. Writer/Director Andy Wilton has spent 7 years bringing the film from paper to the imminent online release. “I just hope it finds an audience” says Andy. “I think it’s a really great little film, lots of fun and I think people will enjoy laughing along with it”.

We will be sending out a link for you to watch the film on line on 22nd April and give us your feedback!  In the meantime, here’s a sneak peek at the trailer…

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