Fury Road prequel rumoured to shoot this year

Mad Max: The Wasteland could be shooting by the end of the year, claims a new report…

George Miller was, even as the excellent Mad Mad: Fury Road garnered award nominations and hard cash, working on the idea of another Mad Max film (in fact, it was reportedly on his mind even as he was developing his acclaimed sequel). And according to a new article from Australia, the project he’s settled on is a prequel to the Fury Road story.

The Herald-Sun in Australia has broken the story, that’s neither been confirmed by Warner Bros or Miller. It reckons, though, that filming on the next Mad Max film will take place in and around the Broken Hill area of the country. The report also adds that production could even begin before the end of the year.

Furthermore, it also reports that Tom Hardy – who didn’t have the best of times filming Fury Road – is going to return for the new movie. It’ll go by the name of Mad Max: The Wasteland, and will fill in the background story to Charlize Theron’s Furiosa.


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