Gambit movie still on

A project that never seems to get a great deal closer is the proposed X-Men spin-off movie, Gambit. Not for the want of trying. Rupert Wyatt, of Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes fame, was attached to direct at one stage, but departed when creative differences reared their head. Then Doug Liman, off the back of Edge Of Tomorrow, landed the job. He’s since hot-footed it to DC land, to work on the Justice League Dark film.

A new director hasn’t yet been appointed, but at least there’s the one constant to the project: Channing Tatum. There were rumours at one stage that even he was off, but after some renegotiation, he’s still on board. Turns out too, in spite of there being no new updates for some time now, that Tatum is still there, just as many were beginning to fear the whole project was set to live in development hell for evermore.

This has just been confirmed again by producer Lauren Shuler Donner (Tatum’s involvement), who gave a very brief update at TCA 17 over the weekend. She didn’t add much more, given that it was described as a ‘scrum’.

At the same event, she also confirmed that the Legion television show is using X-Men characters that there’s no intention of using in the line of movies.

We continue to wait and see where Gambit is confirmed, then. That said, three X-Men films are expected to shoot this year – New Mutants, X-Men 7 and Deadpool 2 – and just getting on the production docket in the immediate future might be something of a challenge…


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