Gemma Arterton: My private life is snoozy

Gemma Arterton doesn’t open up about her personal life because it’s so boring.

The 29-year-old star has become something of a spokesperson for feminist issues of late, and she’s also a big supporter of indie cinema. She tends to focus on those subjects when she’s giving interviews, but insists that’s not because she wants to keep things secret.

“Course I’m guarded about certain things, but I don’t want to be all mysterious. That’s not me and I’d feel like a fraud. I’ve nothing to hide. But I don’t go on about my private life because it would be so boring for you,” she told British magazine Hello!

“Someone wrote to me and his last question said, ‘If you could be a fly on the wall anywhere, where would you be?’ and I said, ‘Right where I am,’ because I’m really happy in the life that I live. I don’t know if that sounds smug, but it’s true.”

Gemma is currently dating director Franklin Ohanessian, who she worked with on her latest movie Gemma Bovery, following the end of her marriage to Stefano Catelli.

She and Franklin spend most of their time in Paris, and although things are going well she isn’t putting too much pressure on their relationship.

“I hope so. Not quite yet,” she replied, when asked if she’ll have children. “I’m born to be a mother, I think, but I’m still young. They’ll be there within the next five years.”

At the moment Gemma is all about the work, and she’s turned her back on the big budget flicks she made her name on. These days it’s all about the character she will be playing – that and working with people she finds inspiring.

“Sean Penn. That would be really something,” she said, when asked who she’d most like to work with. “And Juliette Binoche, because she seems quite down to earth and she’s got this timeless, ageless beauty and she’s talented and elegant – all the things that I want to be.”

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