Gente De Bien


Set in the backdrop of modern day Colombia, newcomer Brayan Santamaría plays 10-year-old Eric who, with his dog Lupe, is sent to live with his father Gabriel, played by Carlos Fernando Pérez. Gabriel’s employer offers to help by taking them away for Christmas with her family, but her good intentions merely highlight the class divide between them.

Gente de bien was nominated for Semaine de la Critique (Critics Week Grand Prize) and Camera d’or (Golden Camera) both at Cannes Film Festival 2014, and won the Horizons Award – Special Mention at San Sebastián International Film Festival and Best Film at Ghent International Film Festival.

Drama | World

Dir. Franco Lolli, Colombia/France, 2014, 86 mins, subtitles

Cast: Brayan Santamarià, Carlos Fernando Perez, Alejandra Borrero


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